Optimizing the Customer Experience

Right or wrong, the quality of the digital experience you offer customers will strongly influence how they view your organization. The totality of their digital interactions with you—across web, mobile, advertising, sales contacts, etc.—will directly affect their purchasing behavior and attitudes towards your organization.

Any digital transformation you undertake should start by making the customer journey as effortless as possible. Make it easy for customers to find, research and purchase from you.

Because each journey is unique, your systems, people and processes must align to support personalizing customer experiences, and continue to do so over time as circumstances change. This makes your intelligence gathering a key component of sustaining your optimized customer experiences.

66% consider improved satisfaction scores as an indicator of digital transformation success
The State of Digital Business – Massive State of Denial Will Lead to your Extinction, Progress Global Survey

How to Deliver Special Customer Experiences

Putting the customer first is strategically simple, but can be harder to implement in practice. It takes thoughtful coordination of people, technology and processes. To get started you should:

  • Understand the customer journey

    Learn how customers want to interact with you, then optimize for each channel keeping the full journey in mind
  • Provide a compelling experience

    Be prepared to usher each customer through an engaging experience, tracking them across web, mobile and other touchpoints in a cohesive way
  • Deliver just-in-time content

    Win the battle of pre-purchase analysis by serving the right message, in the right context at the right time
  • Make informed decisions

    Take a lean, iterative approach to your operations by monitoring performance, analyzing it, deploying improvements then repeating the whole cycle

Accomplish all that, and you’ll be able to deliver powerful, fluid, cross-channel experiences that your competition will envy.

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