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Accelerate your Industrial IoT Proof of Concept

Progress DataRPM IIoT research license empowers companies with asset-centric analytics to quickly derive true value from their operational data, without expensive consulting services or long-term contracts.

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The industry’s first R&D License for IIoT helps you instantly:


Detect 65% more anomalies with certainty


Predict anomalies 80% higher accuracy


PoC cycles to deliver immediate value without significant upfront R&D investment


Digital industrial solutions to use your IIoT data with 80% more prediction accuracy

Move Beyond Budget Constraints and Show Immediate Value to Key Stakeholders

Six steps to nimble Industrial IoT PoC cycles:


Upload CSV data to find anomalies


See anomalies at asset/entity level as well as sensor/attribute level


Validate with known anomalies or events data


Get predictions of anomalies at asset/entity level as well as sensor/attribute level.


See storylines of changes in asset behavior in real-time or historically before any failure event.


Use APIs to connect into business systems to take action on the detected anomalies and predictions.

Watch Progress DataRPM R&D License In Action.

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Business Benefits for Everyone

R&D Teams
  • Lead the curve of reducing the labs to production cycle time.
  • An agile operating model to tackle project uncertainties.
  • Drive rapid prototypes without significant upfront R&D investment.
Data Scientist
  • Actionable Results from your industrial data, in minutes not months or years.
  • Build faster prediction models with high accuracy.
  • Self-learning and adaptive algorithms for optimum results.
IT Plant Operations Experts
  • Distributed intelligence for operational data by predicting anomalies.
  • Automated production handling across departments with minimal human intervention.
  • Proactive system triggers to avoid production delays and halts.




A x S (500 Max)
A x S x N (1 Billion Max)
10 hours month consulting
A = Number of Assets
S = Number of Sensors
N = Number of time stamps available per sensor per asset OR number of data points / records available per sensor per asset.
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