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A social business enterprise focused on public health, Vitalbox is using Progress® Corticon® to scale its existing Personal Health Platform and enable rapid business growth. Corticon was chosen over competitive solutions, including OpenSource, because of its ease of use, scalability and accessibility for the non-IT user, and because Progress was committed to partnering with Vitalbox to ensure its long-term success. With Progress Corticon, Vitalbox has significantly reduced its time to market, developing and deploying a new rule in 10 minutes versus the previous six hours. The company expects to reduce the development and maintenance cycle by 90%. And Vitalbox plans to scale its number of users from 16,000 to 600,000, within just a couple of months.


Manual-based process for managing rules limited company's potential for business growth


The Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS)


Significantly reduced time to market with the ability to develop and deploy a new rule in 10 minutes versus the previous six hours; expects to reduce development and maintenance cycle by 90%; will scale number of users from 16,000 to 600,000, within just a couple of months


Vitalbox Addresses the Global Healthcare Crisis With Its Personal Health Platform Based On Progress Corticon

As the world's population continues to increase, grow older and develop chronic diseases earlier, healthcare systems around the world are facing the same challenges. How is it possible to make healthcare more affordable, extend its reach and improve quality all at the same time? To further complicate the issue, different stakeholders have varying, and sometimes conflicting priorities and objectives. Providers want their patients to take advantage of any and all opportunities to improve their health; individuals want improved healthcare quality, but many can’t afford to pay; and payers want to reduce healthcare utilization and costs.

Vitalbox believes its approach to prevention can play a crucial role in this fight against the global healthcare crisis and benefit all of the stakeholders involved. A social business enterprise focused on public health, Vitalbox is committed to improving individual healthcare while reducing costs through its innovative Personal Health Platform. The company believes technology, with its ability to solve the Big Data problem so often associated with healthcare, is the key to prevention and improved personal health. There is a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that is near to impossible to process using traditional database and software techniques. But Vitalbox has found a way to store and manage that data and then do something meaningful with it.

Three years ago, the company launched its Personal Health Platform designed to create a personalized assessment of health risks. The system provides individuals with a health map that calculates the chance of that person developing chronic conditions, and then proposes actions to reduce risks. Alerts can be delivered to the user based on inputted data, informing them for example, if their cholesterol is too high and they should schedule a doctor's appointment. The system provides personalized guidance to help users reach their target health goals and users can run "what if" scenarios to measure how changes in behavior could impact their health risks.

Because the system is 100% Cloud based, Vitalbox was able to take an innovative approach to its sales model as well. The company serves the individual subscriber--who is allowed to determine how much they can pay for access to the system, and it serves companies or government agencies, such as Grupo Boticário and Boehringer Ingelheim, that want to offer access to the system as a benefit. Also, for those individual subscribers that cannot afford the system, Vitalbox will take it upon itself to find a sponsor to absorb the costs so that person can take advantage of the service.

"We believe that healthcare sector will face a major shift in the following years, adopting new business models and technologies to adjust to the modern world. People will open their minds and embrace technology as part of the solution to this global healthcare crisis," says Carlos Bassi, CEO and Founder of Vitalbox.

Vitalbox Chooses Progress Corticon To Scale Its Business and Enable Rapid Growth

Headquartered in Brazil, Vitalbox first launched its platform in December of 2011, and grew to over 16,000 users. But with ambitions to rapidly scale its system far beyond that number and expand to markets outside of Latin America, the company needed to change its manual-based process for hard coding and managing rules.

"We add new rules to the system every day based on new studies, protocols, and regulations," explains Bassi. "With our in-house manual system, each rule required approximately six developer hours to create, test and deploy one rule. Once we expand outside of Latin America, we will need to create and customize rules across a multitude of factors, including country, regulations, ethnicity, gender and risk level. We also want to give users and physicians the ability to modify and add their own rules to further customize the system to meet their own personal health needs. The complexity around these rules will just continue to multiply; our manual process was just too limited to support this change, so we looked to a third-party for help and that's why we chose Progress Corticon."

After evaluating a number of options, including OpenSource, Vitalbox chose the Progress Corticon Business Rules Management System (BRMS). Progress Corticon delivers high quality, high-fidelity, high-performance automated business decisions and increases agility of decision change processes. The system molds complex rules without source code, it has simple interface that allows non-IT users to quickly and easily create or change rules, and the solution is highly scalable.

"Progress Corticon was the best solution to meet our needs," explains Bassi. "It has significantly reduced our time to market because we can now develop and deploy a new rule in 10 minutes versus six hours. Progress Corticon can easily support our large amounts of dynamic data. It offers the flexibility and agility around rules creation and management that we needed. And we expect it will reduce our development and maintenance cycle by 90%. There are no other solutions on the market that can do for us do what Progress Corticon does."

But the decision to choose Progress Corticon went beyond just technology benefits, says Bassi. "The people behind the product made the difference for us. Progress demonstrated an eagerness to establish a long-term partnership. The Progress team took the time to understand our short and long-term needs, our business model and business strategy. And then together, we collaborated on a strategic plan to propel our business forward." Vitalbox also recognized the value and benefits of working with a large, international organization with a strong partner program and extended partner ecosystem.

"I have worked for a large international software company, so I understand how these relationships usually work. We are a start up, yet Progress takes care of us like we were a big company. They are truly invested in our long-term success, and that has made all the difference for us."

Progress Corticon Delivers Flexibility and Agility

A critical component to the Vitalbox platform is the ability to provide notifications to its users based on their profiles. A notification can simply be a note to remember that some health data is missing or overdue, an alert because a combination of data creates a special situation that requires attention, or a recommendation based on a list of factors. "These rules change frequently, based on health ministry guidelines, country, health operator, and so on. It is crucial to have flexibility to create and maintain these rules. Progress Corticon gives us that agility to immediately react to change, and it ensures our users are getting the important and timely information they need to guide their health decisions," says Bassi.

Users can opt to share their information with their personal physician. And in the near future, Vitalbox plans to offer physicians the ability to modify and create their own rules, based on their individual patient's needs. For example, if the doctor has determined the patient has high blood pressure, he may create a rule that the patient is to take and record her own blood pressure every two weeks. If the patient fails to do so, the rule can be configured to send the patient a reminder. And if the recorded numbers fall within dangerous levels, the doctor can configure the rule to send an alert telling that patient that she should set up an appointment for a checkup immediately.

The Personal Health Platform also enables companies and government agencies to analyze information at the population level. For example, a company can identify if there are particular risks to its employee base, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. The company can then run simulations to determine what would happen if it implemented a program to reduce weight or measure blood pressure. By addressing these potential issues and taking preventative measures, the company has the potential to improve the health of its employee population while also reducing its own healthcare costs.

Vitalbox currently has a mobile application in beta. The mobile version of the Personal Health Platform will offer the same functionality as the Web-based version. However, users will also be able to take advantage of additional features due to the unique attributes of a mobile device, like a camera and GPS. "We think mobile is absolutely critical to scaling our business. And there will be countless benefits to our users with the ability to control and access their health data via a mobile device. Progress Corticon supports that strategy and will be a key component as we continue to evolve our solution."

With the help of Progress Corticon, Vitalbox plans to scale its number of uses by 375% within just a couple of months. The company is getting ready to launch the new version of its platform and it plans to add every health professional in Brazil to the system – 600,000 in total. And according to Bassi, this is just the beginning. With the flexibility, agility and scalability afforded by Progress Corticon, the company expects to continue its rapid expansion across Latin American and into EMEA in the near future.

About Vitalbox

Vitalbox is a Brazilian technology startup that offers a personal health platform. The solution was developed in partnership with Biosignia, American science and technology companies, and supported by universities, such as Duke University, Cornell and the University of Washington. MIT and Harvard University created Vitalbox’s electronic chart which allows users to make online risk analysis and get custom health maps. The Vitalbox platform is not a medical diagnosis or substitute for consultation by a healthcare professional, but rather it can be used as a way to assist people to maintain their health. For more information, visit http://www.vitalbox.com.

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