Unistrut Sees 1600% Increase in Document Downloads and Drastically Exceeds Website Traffic and Engagement Goals with Sitefinity

Unistrut wanted to modernize its website and improve searchability for the construction developers and architects that rely on its site to find products for their projects. The brand turned to Americaneagle.com and Progress® Sitefinity® to improve discoverability for visitors while also simplifying content management so it could be done internally instead of relying on a third-party partner.






Unistrut’s website didn’t have the ability to be easily updated with fresh content and it’s search functionality made it difficult to easily locate product information. 


Sitefinity gave the Unistrut team more control over web content, without needing a third-party vendor for site updates.


The new website functionality, which allowed for document downloads for planning purposes, led to a 1,600% increase in document downloads from the website. 

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