The construction industry suffers from communication gaps between management and individual worksites, which impacts safety and productivity. With Progress Rollbase, SafeGuard was able to develop a comprehensive software platform that addressed this issue.





Construction sites need to collect, track and transfer large quantities of data from their sites. However, with all the moving pieces, many construction companies struggle to make timely decisions.


Rollbase enabled SafeGuard to quickly create a suite of applications that addressed this need. With a three-part solution that uses on-site, off-site and cloud-based systems, clients are able to eliminate the communication gap and drive productivity and safety.


Going from proof of concept to commercialized software platform in just 14 months, SafeGuard is able to create new applications in response to the latest construction industry needs and requirements.



Construction enterprises suffer from a significant divide between planning and execution. This divide originates from a major communications gap between the management and the on-site workers. If managed well, closing this divide can translate into millions of dollars in potential savings for the company and billions for the industry itself.

Construction sites are complicated and involve collecting, tracking and transferring large quantities of information from the workers on the site to the management company in the office. Management constantly requires up-to-date information about their various sites to empower everyday decision-making, which involves everything from people to equipment and materials.

These managerial decisions need to then be transformed into operational instructions and transferred back to the worker on the site for execution. This is a cycle that continues until the project reaches its (hopefully) successful completion.

Today information is transferred from the workers to their on-site managers, who then need to commit it to writing before transferring the information to the corporate office where it can be entered into software systems (e.g., ERP), analyzed and submitted to management for decision making. This process creates a communication gap where data is lost, misreported or simply not collected and reported.


SafeGuard is a software platform for the management and control of construction sites. SafeGuard eliminates the communication gap by enabling a direct data and information flow from the on-site worker to the off-site management team.

The SafeGuard platform is composed of three intertwined parts:

1. On-site—mobile applications and internet-enabled sensors that are used to collect data in the construction site

2. Cloud-based smart-system—an advanced system of algorithms that analyzes and creates actionable notifications based on the collected data

3. Performance management—an off-site system to inform management and enable intelligent decision making

To develop this expansive software platform, SafeGuard leveraged Progress® Rollbase®. Rollbase empowered Safeguard to speed up the development of the different applications that comprised the software platform, enabling the company to quickly move from proof of concept to commercialized applications. SafeGuard was able to extend these applications across all mobile channels with native functionality.

“Our applications are our DNA, so we wanted to make sure we were developing the solutions we originally envisioned,” said Izhak Paz, CEO and Owner, SafeGuard Applied Innovation. “Usually, to get that flexibility, you need to do a lot of heavy coding. Rollbase gave us the flexibility to create what we wanted with the added advantage of it being a low-code platform.”


SafeGuard brought its complete software platform to life in just 14 months, going from a proof-of-concept to a fully functioning commercialized application suite that’s used at 130 construction sites across Israel—and growing. As the construction industry continues to evolve and new needs emerge, SafeGuard is able to respond quickly and develop new applications from prototype in a matter of weeks.

“Other technologies were just technologies, Progress enabled us to be a business,” Paz added. “The flexibility of the business model was an unbelievable advantage and allowed us to enter into a royalty model. The barrier to entry was low, the technology was amazing and the go-to-market was fast.”

Safety has always been core to SafeGuard’s vision. SafeGuard’s technology closes the gap between planning and execution in the construction industry through daily measured safety, quality control and other key performance indicators. By being able to quickly develop cutting-edge solutions that address real pain points faced by the industry, enables clients to operate more effectively by eliminating the communication gap, which simultaneously improves safety at construction sites as well.

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