Revamping its Old Website with Progress Sitefinity, Conway Regional Health Care Systems Registered a 14% Increase in Users and Upgraded its Booking Application for Patients



Conway Regional Health System wanted its website to provide an efficient, front-facing experience for patients across seven counties in Arkansas. Unfortunately, its blocky, unintuitive design proved difficult to navigate for users and the CMS made it challenging to make any substantial changes.



Modernize the design of the Conway Regional Health System website and improve navigation for patients to find information they need.



New patients visited Conway Regional’s site resulting in an increase of registered users by 14%.


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Serving seven different counties across northern Arkansas, Conway Regional Health System provides numerous important health care services, including neuro-spine surgery, women’s health, gastroenterology services and more.


Since Conway Regional serves a sizable portion of the Natural State’s population, its digital marketers wanted to provide patients with an ideal digital experience. However, its website proved to be a speedbump. Visitors would be greeted with an outdated, counterintuitive design described as boxy. It was difficult for users to find specific information, especially for those accessing Conway Regional’s mobile website. While the organization’s marketing team were aware of these issues, they were unable to make content updates to various pages without third party assistance, nor did they have the team power to do so.


Arguably, the biggest pain point on Conway Regional’s website is the Find a Physician application. It featured usability problems, including the ability to fill out fields and not being connected to any locations.


Paul Bradley, Director of Marketing, Conway Regional Health System, knew putting patients first is a top priority. By taking all the above into consideration, Bradley knew it was a good opportunity to provide patients and the backend users with the website they required for great healthcare.


“Your website is the front door for the experience of whether people are going to interact with you. That means it cannot be cheap, but it does not mean it has to be a Ferrari,” said Bradley. “You must put your best foot forward to make sure the content is easily accessible, it is easy-to-use and users do not get frustrated trying to find what they need to find.”



It was from this point forward; Bradley and the marketing team chose Progress® Sitefinity® for the project. Conway Regional partnered with Lapero, a Sitefinity partner specializing in UX research, web design and development, to assist with the technical aspects of the project. For example, Lapero created heatmaps on a mock Conway Regional website. These clarified and pinpointed the exact locations users were having trouble with navigation. This is what led both companies to start with the modern, mobile- optimized redesign of the Conway website. Utilizing the multisite features of Sitefinity, Conway Regional started to manage its five separate websites under one domain.

Sitefinity proved to be effective with several integrations. One of which was with the organization’s ERP system for scheduling and accounting. Conway Regional integrated the booking and scheduling API, InQuicker, as the backbone of its Find a Physician tool. By implementing this API, Find a Physician receives improved functionality, including easier-to-use form fills and geolocators for doctors within Conway Regional’s network.


While maintaining the overall goal of giving users an ideal experience, the backend was not ignored. Marketers have improved content editing features and workflows have been optimized.



Since the new launch, Conway Regional reports a 14% increase in new users accessing medical information and booking appointments with a readily available Find a Physician tool. In addition, unique page views rose to 12%, meaning citizens of Arkansas were taking note of the new content being published on Conway Regional’s website.


Conway Regional and Lapero have reported an interesting statistic regarding patient time spent on the new site. While the average time spent on an individual page increased by 30 seconds, there is a significant decrease in pages per session. However, this is in part due to the improved user-friendly navigation and better placed content. Patients are no longer bouncing from page to page, searching for the information they need. Instead, Bradley and his team were able to create a layout hitting their goal mark.

“We are trying to create a positive user experience for everyone. Conway Regional wants to make the experience as easy as possible for someone of any age to easily log on to the website and find a provider that fits whatever need that they have,” said Bradley. “We have resolved a lot of those challenges, but I am certainly looking for continuous improvement as we go along because I want to make sure we do everything we can to navigate the changing digital landscape.”


About Conway Regional Health System

Conway Regional Health System provides complete health care services to a seven-county service area of North Central Arkansas including Cleburne, Conway, Faulkner, Perry, Pope, Van Buren and Yell Counties. Centered on a 180-bed, acute care medical center, the health system provides patients with a variety of services including heart health, orthopedic care, neuro-spine surgery, vascular surgery, gastroenterology services, women’s health, surgery and rehabilitation. Conway Regional operates an expansive physician enterprise, including ten primary care clinics and seven specialty clinics. For more information, please visit:


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