MeWatt needed a native application that was capable of quickly pulling and analyzing data from potentially hundreds of thousands of devices—without negatively impacting performance. NativeScript provided MeWatt with the tools needed to do just that.



MeWatt enables users to monitor and analyze their energy usage to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. To further extend this functionality, MeWatt needed a mobile app.


With NativeScript, MeWatt could build powerful native apps for iOS and Android devices. Moreover, using NativeScript enabled MeWatt to reuse code written for the web portal, expediting time to market.


Because MeWatt didn’t have to start from scratch, the development team was able to build the iOS and Android apps in just two weeks instead of two months.  


MeWatt Cuts App Development by 75% with Progress


People across North America are growing increasingly concerned about the environment and are actively striving to lead more environmentally friendly lifestyles as a result. MeWatt aims to help customers achieve that goal with an “appliance to mobile” device that enables users to monitor and analyze any appliance’s energy usage.

Serving both commercial businesses and personal consumers alike, MeWatt provides users with actionable recommendations and alerts that empower them to regain control of their carbon footprint. Any appliance can be plugged into the MeWatt device, and the information provided to customers can be used to help them save money and cut back on energy consumption.

A central component of MeWatt is the application, which gives users access to their energy consumption information and enables them to set up notifications and alerts. The application is great for more than driving smarter energy usage too—it has a number of useful household features. For example, users can leverage the app to create alerts that notify them when the laundry is done or setup timers that limit how long their children can play video games. The mobile application can even be used to turn appliances on and off while on the go.

As MeWatt looked to develop the application, one thing was clear—it needed to run natively without any hitches in performance. Application usability is vital to any consumer-facing product, and if the application doesn’t hold up to user expectations, it may impact the user’s overall perception of the product.

“My team has been working on mobile development for a long time now, so going into this project, we knew we needed to develop a native application,” explained Lino Tadros, CEO and President, MeWatt. “We could potentially have hundreds of thousands of devices reporting to the cloud every five seconds, so if the application runs slow, we would have a disaster on our hands.”


While MeWatt considered a couple of different options for making native applications, the company ultimately decided to go with NativeScript®. Tadros’ development team was perfectly fine working with either Xamarin or NativeScript, but the MeWatt web portal was already built using JavaScript, so NativeScript made more sense for the situation.

“If you know JavaScript and you want the best performance possible in native, NativeScript is just an excellent product to use,” said Tadros. “We didn’t have to write everything from scratch using a different language, which helped us bring the app to market even faster.”

That being said, the MeWatt development team was still surprised at how easy the process was. With NativeScript, the team could easily reuse components from Apple and other companies without any issues. They simply brought in the plug-ins and they worked straight out of the box. MeWatt also used Telerik® UI for NativeScript by Progress to create the application’s UI.

“The mobile app was no small project, but we’re happy with how it turned out. If you take a look at the app on your actual device, you can just tell it’s native,” Tadros said. “NativeScript enabled us to do it all—we developed a powerful app, with smooth UI and excellent speed.”

The development support from Progress helped with the creation of the application as well. Whenever the MeWatt programmers had an issue, they were able to get an answer from the Slack within minutes—if not straight from the NativeScript development team, then from someone else in the developer community.


Because MeWatt could piggyback off the code the development team had already written for the web portal, NativeScript effectively enabled MeWatt to get the mobile app to market four times faster. Starting from scratch on a native app with Xamarin would have taken nearly two months, but with NativeScript, the iOS version of the app was finished in about two weeks.

“There is nothing wrong with a two-month development window when you’re making a new app. So when you hear a two-week development time frame in this day and age, most people think that’s an imaginary number,” explained Tadros. “NativeScript enabled us to reuse 60% of the code from our web portal and put out the iOS app in just two weeks. And it only took one additional week to get the app out on Android as well.”

MeWatt has already been recognized as one of the best energy conservation technologies within the industry. Corporate Vision Magazine highlighted MeWatt in its 2016 Technology Innovator Awards, praising how easy it is to install and use MeWatt. Being able to get everything up and running, from installing the device to setting up the application, in five minutes or less was a huge perk.

After developing the mobile apps using NativeScript, the MeWatt team plans on using NativeScript for future energy saving ideas. The developers love how easy it is to re-use components and code from existing projects, which is pivotal in a world where time to market can make or break the success of an app. As far as Tadros is concerned, if the project calls for JavaScript, then NativeScript will be the go-to framework for building the app.

About MeWatt

MeWatt is a revolutionary “appliance to mobile” device that provides near real-time energy monitoring and energy usage analysis for consumer appliances and enterprise green initiatives. MeWatt continuously collect and analyze the energy usage of appliances to provide actionable recommendations and alerts conserve energy, reduce carbon emissions and save money for both consumers and enterprises.

About NativeScript

NativeScript is an open source platform for building Native mobile applications, supported by Telerik, a Progress company. For more information, please visit



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