McNally Needed a Website to Effectively Present a New Corporate Vision

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The new website for McNally International had to consolidate several other separate websites and present a robust, attractive information hub for the company. The design and visual identity could not be compromised by technical limitations of the content management system.


A Sitefinity CMS was an easy choice for powering the McNally website. Sitefinity provides for complete flexibility to the front-end design while ensuring that non-technical staff can easily keep the website content current.


Sitefinity provides a robust, user-friendly content management system that could be used by non-technical staff. The CMS also provides the flexibility of continuing to enhance the website in the future.

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McNally International is a privately owned heavy construction company that specializes in tunnel and marine construction. McNally has been successfully completing projects since the company was formed in 1949 and has grown to be a Canadian leader in the tunnel and marine sectors.
McNally previously operated several independent websites for each business unit. The design, content and effectiveness of each website varied. McNally needed a new, consolidated online presence that was robust and effective at providing a broad range of information under one banner. From a marketing and business perspective, the objective for a new site was to have complete flexibility over the visual design and yet have the capability for non-technical staff to perform the content management duties of keeping the website up-to-date. In the Canadian marketplace it is also important to communicate in both official languages - French and English.


Trioro Inc is an Internet Technology Agency specializing in mobile, web and software development. McNally has been working with Trioro as a trusted, strategic technology partner for several years. When McNally and Trioro discussed a new online presence, the easy choice was to build a website on a Sitefinity CMS.

For this client Trioro chose Sitefinity because it gave ultimate freedom to the creative team to design a website that could take on any visual identity. The McNally International website provides company information and PDF project case studies in multiple languages. The built in capabilities of Sitefinity that provide an efficient interface for managing bilingual content made it an easy platform to choose.

The search capabilities of Sitefinity allow site content to be easily indexed while providing for customizations to be built to tailor the search results for an optimal user experience. Several photo galleries were required on the website which could be managed using the media controls within Sitefinity. Again, the flexibility exists to enhance the way these multimedia elements are presented to visitors on the website. 

Trioro built a custom module for storing and displaying project case study information on the McNally website. The project information can be entered in multiple languages through a user-friendly interface in the content management system. Front-end modules to display this information in different ways can then be added to any page on the website through Sitefinity’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface.


The new website for McNally International has certainly improved the company’s online identity. McNally can more confidently approach prospective clients, which has supported a dramatic increase in business. The large-scale tunneling and marine construction jobs won by McNally are high profile and attract media attention across the USA and Canada. With a comprehensive and well organized website, McNally presents a professional message which underscores their ability to deliver. McNally has also noticed a positive reception to the new website from within. Staff are excited about the improved visual identity and ease of which updates and changes can be made through the Sitefinity CMS.

Trioro was able to build this new website for McNally quickly and cost effectively. The technical team consisted of resources from one developer, one designer, one project manager and one tester. The entire build was completed in just one month.

“I’m really impressed at how well you were able to build the website with Sitefinity and match the graphic design exactly. Other content management systems always impose restrictions on the design,” says Ryan Bloxsidge, Graphic Designer at McNally International.

“We’re really happy with Sitefinity. It’s easy to work with and we could tell right away that it would easily accommodate any future changes we might want to make,” says James McNall, Engineering Manager at McNally International.

Metric                                 Increase/Decrease
Visits                                   17% increase
Pageviews                          53% increase
Referred Traffic                  125% increase
Search Engine Traffic         15% decrease

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