Hospital del Trabajador Manages 20 Websites with Progress Sitefinity and Achieves 100% Uptime

The Hospital del Trabajador website is part of a migration project of multiple Chilean Safety Association websites, with the ultimate goal to deliver a superior experience to patients throughout the pandemic.




Hospital del Trabajador is part of a larger organization, ACHS, which owns the hospital. The organization had 20 websites under management that were administered with inefficient and siloed technology. It purchased a server-based license and looked to migrate its websites to a solution that was easier to use, had high performance and hardened security and compliance capabilities.


Leveraged multisite management to maintain brand consistency throughout. And tapped LFi to implement Sitefinity for 20 websites and to publish content to its mobile app via the REST APIs.  


The websites (which used to deal with endless drops) achieved 100% uptime while maintaining loading times. In addition, multisite management changed the way the digital team works over the platform.
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