Clínica Universidad de los Andes Leverages Sitefinity's Accessibility for Patients to Make Appointments at the Onset of COVID-19



At the height of COVID-19, Clinica Universidad de los Andes was in need of improving user accessibility. More specifically, the healthcare organization wanted to help patients book and schedule appointments without trouble, which became especially important during the onset of the pandemic.


Create a more accessible website to let patients book appointments with their primary care providers.


Page load times decreased significantly, which resulted in increased traffic from patients.

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Clinica Universidad de los Andes is a major healthcare provider in Chile that found itself in need of major improvements to its website. This includes making it easier to schedule appointments and boosting the overall performance of the site.

After teaming with Progress Sitefinity partner LFi, Clinica not only had a website that was more straightforward for both patients and administrators, but also twice as many appointments being made. 



  • Create a more accessible  website to let patients book appointments with their primary care providers. 

  • Implement more durable cybersecurity measures to protect patient data. 

  • Update the site on the backend, allowing Clinica’s administrators to update content and urgent healthcare-related news. 


  • The website’s performance improved, resulting in more visitors and an increase in appointments  

  • Clinica’s marketers are now able to easily incorporate the graphic design team’s images without a hassle. 

  • Page load times decreased significantly, which resulted in increased traffic from patients. 

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