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All Western Mortgage found the public cloud was limiting the performance of one of its applications, so the company opted to move to the Rollbase Private Cloud. This enabled AWM to regain control of the application while expediting turn time.



AWM’s mortgage processing application had grown quickly, with a 50 gigabyte database that was accessed by more than 300 users daily. With performance on the line, running the application on the public cloud was no longer an option.


AWM opted to host the application on Rollbase Private Cloud. The move gave AWM a highly scalable platform that eliminated downtime and addressed performance issues. Rollbase Private Cloud also provided greater control over the update process.


Shifting to Rollbase Private Cloud was a seamless transition. Compared to other options, Rollbase helped AWM reduce deployment costs by 70% to 80%.


All Western Mortgage Reduces Costs by 80% with Progress


Today’s businesses are using technology to do everything from report generation to workflow automation. As enterprises become increasingly reliant on various tools and applications, flexibility and scalability have also grown to be necessary features to ensure tech investments remain relevant into the future. Purchasing a solution only to outgrow it a year later is the last thing any executive wants.

In the post-recession era, business was booming at All Western Mortgage. A national leader in the residential mortgage lending space, All Western Mortgage had a variety of applications in place to enable employees to work more efficiently and better serve customers. One application in particular was the company’s mortgage processing app. With more than 300 users and a huge 50 gigabyte database, the sheer scope of the application had quickly become difficult to manage on the public cloud.

“There were just so many limitations being on the public cloud,” said Tory Teunis, Chief Technical Officer, All Western Mortgage. “The speed, security and database capabilities of the public cloud were not on the necessary level. There was a lot we wanted to do, but we just didn’t have the control we needed.”

Every application update resulted in unacceptable performance issues, and it wasn’t long before it became apparent that All Western Mortgage needed an alternative to running the app on the public cloud. Bringing the app on-premise was one option, but All Western Mortgage did not have a DevOps team, which meant in-house deployment was simply not feasible. At the same time, off-the-shelf mortgage origination systems were expensive and did not offer the flexibility All Western Mortgage needed.


All Western Mortgage decided to work with Progress to transition the app to a private cloud setup. All Western Mortgage was already a Progress customer—Teunis and his team had built a workflow management system with Progress® Rollbase® years ago. Since then, All Western Mortgage has integrated Rollbase with numerous other systems and Rollbase has become a core part of the company’s ecosystem.

All Western Mortgage opted to use Rollbase Private Cloud to host the application. Rollbase Private Cloud gave All Western Mortgage a highly scalable platform that enabled the company to resolve performance issues and eliminate downtime. With Rollbase Private Cloud, All Western Mortgage was able to access all three environments—testing, development and production—so the company could fully test changes before going live with new updates. For All Western Mortgage, the newfound control of the platform was a huge benefit.

“We rebuilt the system completely on Rollbase Private Cloud,” said Teunis. “It was just easier to rebuild from the beginning instead of trying to fix the whole thing.”

“With Private Cloud, we could build a system that’s more tailored to exactly what we wanted to do,” he explained. “We’ve added a lot of new functionality and integrations to the system and now we’re in the process of moving the entire company over to the new system.”

The existing relationship with Progress was one of the reasons why All Western Mortgage was so confident in moving to Rollbase Private Cloud. Progress support had worked closely with Teunis and his team over the years, helping All Western Mortgage overcome various development challenges along the way. Additionally, Teunis appreciated the consistent flow of new updates—whenever All Western Mortgage needs a new feature, the Rollbase team was quick to deploy it in future updates.

“Once I agreed to move to Private Cloud, I’ve been given a different level of support to make sure this project succeeds,” Teunis added. “The support Progress has given me over the past year has enabled us to move everything over to the Private Cloud while minimizing headaches.”


It was clear that All Western Mortgage had outgrown its public cloud deployment. Moving to Rollbase Private Cloud empowered All Western Mortgage to regain control of the application and bolster app performance, enabling the company to capitalize on new opportunities in the process.

“Other systems simply aren’t built for large scale deployment. It would be impossible for us to get the functionality we need in another system because it would be so ridiculously cost prohibitive when you consider licensing,” Teunis said. “With Progress Rollbase, we are able to reduce costs in many departments by about 70 – 80%.”

Rollbase also helped All Western Mortgage realize significant time savings. Integration was always the piece of the puzzle that slowed down the deployment of new applications the most in the mortgage industry. The flexibility of Rollbase has enabled All Western Mortgage to integrate with numerous third-party systems with ease.

“We are using Rollbase to dramatically increase our turn time and our completion speed while simultaneously reducing inefficiency,” Teunis added. “We’re saving time and also money by making fewer mistakes.”

While deploying the mortgage processing app is currently the top priority at All Western Mortgage, the lender has plans to continue using Progress solutions in future projects. All Western Mortgage has multiple applications in the works, and is considering the use of Corticon® and Sitefinity® to automate business rules and deliver consumer-facing content—steps that will further improve All Western Mortgage applications.

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All Western Mortgage is a residential mortgage lender headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. With over 15 offices in the United States and three operation centers in India, the company serves the lending needs of Americans across 15 states. For more information, please visit:


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