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Computerworld New Zealand March 16, 2018

Progress NativeChat lets you build your own chatbot

Progress says NativeChat enables people to build and deploy AI-driven chatbots in as little as two weeks

New Hampshire Business Review March 14, 2018

Dover company launches 2.0 version of Daily Nanny app

Cubby Notes, a Dover-based service that improves childcare, has launched the 2.0 version of their native iOS and Android mobile app Daily Nanny.

iTWire Australia March 14, 2018

Progress simplifies chatbot development with NativeChat

A key feature of Progress NativeChat is its use of what Progress calls CognitiveFlow technology, an approach that allows chatbots to be trained with goals, examples and data from existing backend systems, much as new human customer service agents are trained.

CX Focus Magazine March 14, 2018

Chatbots are getting smarter and smarter!

In the past, humans were preferred over machines because there was a perception that humans were more accurate in their analysis of situations to make informed decisions. Fast-forward to 2018, we’re now seeing a complete focus on the customer in technology innovations. Combined with intelligent machines, they help brands scale customer engagement and provide increasingly personalised experiences. They give a complete 360 view of the customer.

IBS Intelligence March 14, 2018

Progress unveils innovation lab and first AI-driven chatbot product

Massachusetts-based technology firm Progress has unveiled its technology incubator Progress Labs, as well as the lab’s first product, an AI-driven chatbot. Progress Labs was established to” surface innovative ideas” within Progress, and “to nurture and harness these ideas so they can be developed as a part of the company’s product.

SD Times March 13, 2018

Progress introduces AI-driven platform for creating and deploying chatbots

Progress has announced the availability of Progress NativeChat, a new solution for chatbot development and deployment. NativeChat was designed to give organizations the ability to create customer solutions that can converse and transact on the channel of their choice, without the need for human interaction.

Gigabit March 11, 2018

Progress: Preparing companies for the rising tide of data

Progress boasts more than 35 years in business, driven by a simple mission: to provide the best platform and tools for building and deploying mission critical business applications. With a focus on B2B and B2C, its mission hasn’t changed, but Progress retains the agility of a startup combined with the foresight of a global leader to react to the shifting sands of the business world across industry sectors. February 28, 2018

How the IoT and Related Tech Are Helping to Update the Energy Sector

Energy sector improvements have the capacity to affect almost every other industry. We all recognize the importance of a reliable energy system — after all, no business runs without electricity. As DataRPM, a Progress company that uses anomaly detection and prediction to provide a stable energy supply, notes in its recent e-book, “Since energy literally drives everything in the industrial world, the energy and utilities industry itself is under constant pressure…to tackle efficiency problems and perform 24/7 without disruptions.” February 23, 2018

Three Ways Business Leaders Can Use AI Right Now

AI has enormous potential to reshape business, as most business leaders recognize. In a global study published by the Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review, 84 percent of the 3,000 business leaders interviewed expect AI to give them a competitive advantage.

InfoWorld February 20, 2018

What’s new in NativeScript

NativeScript, a framework for native mobile application development leveraging JavaScript technologies, now has Version 1.0 of its NativeScript-Vue open source project available. 

Australasian Transport News February 19, 2018


Transport management software company CMS Transport Systems has rolled out a new software package to help its customers better protect their data, developed together with US software developer Progress.

Channel Futures February 16, 2018

The Big Moneymaker Many MSPs Give Away for Free

When Progress Software strategic partner program manager Richard Stone thinks about the channel opportunity in 2018, there’s an old cartoon that comes to mind: The one where the dog that’s chasing the car finally catches it, and as the car speeds down the road with the dog’s jaws locked on its bumper, the poor pooch thinks to himself, “Now what?”

Direct Industry February 15, 2018

IoT and AI Assisting Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance (PdM) consists in collecting data on the condition of machinery so that engineers can foresee possible outages or failures before they even happen. This makes it possible to replace any failing components before they cause damage.

Computer Weekly February 9, 2018

Progress goes on louder on React, Xamarin & Fluent-themed design

Application development and deployment company Progress has come forward with new releases of the Progress Telerik and Progress Kendo UI tools.

Ronald van Loon's Blog February 9, 2018

Cognitive computing: Moving From Hype to Deployment

Although cognitive computing, which is many a times referred to as AI or Artificial Intelligence, is not a new concept, the hype surrounding it and the level of interest pertaining to it is definitely new. The combination of hype surrounding robot overlords, vendor marketing and concerns regarding job losses has fueled the hype into where we stand now.

CRN February 5, 2018

The 20 Coolest Cloud Platform Vendors Of The 2018 Cloud 100

Last year, Progress paid $49 million to acquire Kinvey, a mobile Backend-as-a-Service platform used by developers to build and run mobile apps that integrate with enterprise systems. The acquisition bolstered a strategic plan around cognitive application development as Progress jumps into the digital transformation arena with new software development tools.

Raconteur January 25, 2018

A guide to cloud data

If this is the age of information, which it is, then surely we can reasonably suggest that all businesses need to get more closely acquainted with the data streams traversing their operational models. Getting better acquainted with information in real terms means understanding data at a more granular level. But don’t panic, this does not require a degree in computer science or a PhD in systems analytics.

ChannelLife Australia January 24, 2018

Exclusive interview - Progress talks channel plans for cognitive apps

Progress has been in the business a long time and experienced their fair share of dramatic paradigm shifts in the IT market. ChannelLife talked to product marketing manager Richard Stone about the shift to AI driven 'cognitive' applications and how organisations in the A/NZ channel can be sure they are staying ahead of the curve. 

UK Contstruction Online January 23, 2018

Combining AR and VR with cognitive technology

Digi Capital claims that not only the single phenomenon, but the double act of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will raise approximately $150Bn of revenue by the year 2020. With less than three years to go until that predicted date, businesses working in construction and manufacturing must consider how existing cognitive technology can provide solid grounding to integrate VR and AR technologies.

SD Times January 15, 2018

2018 will be the breakout year for PWAs

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) – browser-based applications that take on some performance aspects of native applications — are expected to break out this year, as Apple will begin to ship core features of PWA in its WebKit web browser engine.