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Digitalization World May 2, 2019

Focus on What Matters: Boosting the Productivity of Professional Developers

Low-code platforms have become popular tools for building apps quickly and lots of hype has been created around them. By passing on the keys to app development from the professional developer to the business user, they seem to be opening up new potential to fast-track app delivery. Functionalities such as point-and-click and drag-and-drop have simplified the process, empowering users with a basic understanding of coding to get involved. This might sound like the ideal scenario but reality shows it is not. Simplifying app development and involving business users might result in ending up with generalists unable to perform on either side – business or IT.

Boston Business Journal April 18, 2019

Largest Software Development Firms in Massachusetts

Progress was ranked as the 16th largest software development firm in MA out of 25 companies on BBJ’s first annual list.

InfoWorld April 17, 2019

When Developers Shouldn’t Trust Low-Code Platforms

The application development world is continuously changing, evidenced by the analyst community’s frequent revisions of their various categories and definitions of application development tools and platforms. The rapid evolution and consequent flux are fueled by organizations clamoring for a single platform and toolset that can help them quickly deliver omnichannel, customer-grade apps spanning desktop, web, mobile, wearables, etc.

The right low-code solution based on open standards can be invaluable in an era of “more apps, faster, that run anywhere.” That said, not all low-code solutions are created equal. Here are three red flags to watch for when evaluating a solution.

ITProPortal April 14, 2019

The New Language of High-Productivity Development Platforms

Each new – and not so new – technology trend brings its own language, complete with acronyms, jargon and marketing-speak. Consulting services website Connet lists more than 3,000 computer acronyms. Here we are going to focus on one of tech’s current hot topics: Low-code high-productivity application development platforms. Acronyms are flying: RMAD, RADP, LCDP, MADP, hpaPaaS and more. Some of the acronyms may be new, and marketers are spinning the terms “low-code” and “high-productivity” in new ways, but these technologies have been around. For a long time.

Hosting Advice April 1, 2019

Progress OpenEdge 12 Enables Developers to Modernize Mission-Critical Applications With More Robust Features and Architecture

Progress OpenEdge adds considerable value for developers who create vital apps, and it recently released its most robust update to the platform — OpenEdge 12. While Progress has expanded its portfolio, OpenEdge development remains a priority because more than 2,100 businesses use it to develop and modernize apps essential to their success. OpenEdge 12 responds to their needs by improving scalability and continuous operations while including automatic repair features. The company says users who upgrade to the latest version can expect to see up to a 200% performance boost.

Channelnomics March 29, 2019

Progress Buys Ipswitch to Expand in SMB

Application development specialist Progress is paying $225 million to acquire Ipswitch Networks, best known for its network management and file transfer tools, in a bid to gain access to small and midsize business (SMB) segment.

ZDNet March 28, 2019

Progress Acquires Ipswitch for $225 Million, Tops First Quarter Targets

Progress, which specializes in application development, said it will acquire Ipswitch for $225 million in cash.

Ipswitch makes data file transfer and network management software. Progress said the deal will add to non-GAAP earnings and cash flow as well as boost its small and medium-sized businesses products.

App Developer Magazine March 20, 2019

JavaScript Based Low Code Platform Emerges from Progress

Progress has revealed its strategy and approach for enabling high productivity application development. As part of this strategy, Progress announced the latest release of the Progress Kinvey platform, delivering a combination of high productivity, full developer control over the app experience, and operational efficiency for modern workloads with dynamic scale.

ITProPortal March 20, 2019

Identifying the MVPs in your AI deployment Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has played a critical role in business transformation strategies. Once a figment of the human imagination, it has become crucial in improving processes, enhancing employee productivity, and revolutionising the customer experience. Based on this, decision-makers are turning to their IT departments and the professionals they need to deploy AI-integrated applications.

ADTMag March 18, 2019

Progress Updates Low-Code-for-Pros Kinvey Platform

Progress Software has updated its low-code Kinvey platform that -- unlike competitors that target the "business user" audience -- positions itself as a productivity tool for professional developers.

Progress said it's providing a "new form of low-code platform" that's focused on professional developers, enabling high productivity capabilities along with delivery of different apps that run natively across devices and platforms across multiple channels.

ComputerWeekly March 15, 2019

Progress Offers Low-Code-for-Pros with Kinvey

Progress puts forward another (arguably weighty) hand in the low-code game this week.
The Boston, MA-based application development firm has upped the spec on its Progress Kinvey platform with extra features.
The Progress Kinvey platform includes  Kinvey Studio: a low-code visual development tool for building mobile, web and chat-based apps — and, the difference is, it doesn’t sacrifice full developer control over the application and code.

SD Times March 14, 2019

Progress Kinvey Brings More Advanced Low-Code Capabilities to Professional Developers

Low-code adoption is beginning to pick up as the demands to deliver software faster starts to weigh on businesses. Progress believes its strategy and approach for high productivity application development will have businesses pick up the pace and remove the complexity traditional offerings pose when trying to develop more advanced applications.

Health Data management March 7, 2019

6 Top Challenges to Successful Data Integration

Data variety, velocity, veracity, volume and sources are among the top factors affecting whether an organization can successfully integrate disparate data.

Database Trends and Applications March 7, 2019

Progress Upgrades OpenEdge Platform with Round of Updates to Lay the Foundation for Application Evolution

Progress, a provider of application development and digital experience technologies, is releasing the latest version of Progress OpenEdge, delivering improvements in database throughput performance and more.

The 12.0 release also provides a foundation for application evolution, with advanced features and functionality that give applications the always-on availability, agility, and scale required to support modern applications. 

SD Times March 7, 2019

Progress Announces Milestone Release of its App Development Platform OpenEdge

Progress its announcing a three-fold throughput performance improvement with the latest release of its application development platform. According to the company, Progress OpenEdge 12 features a 200 percent improvement in database throughput performance, responsiveness and scalability. In addition, the release comes with new advanced features and functionality to give modern apps always-on availability and enhanced agility.

SD Times February 21, 2019

SD Times News Digest: Google Acquires Alooma, NativeScript 5.2, and Sourcegraph 3.1

NativeScript 5.2 has been released with official support for Vue.js. While the NativeScript-Vue effort started by Igor Randjelovic has allowed NativeScript and Vue applications to be created, this release is the first time that Vue.js will be officially supported, the company explained.

CIO February 19, 2019

Tapping into the WeWork Effect with an app?

WeWork’s seemingly simplistic approach is having a profound effect on the market, leading enterprise organizations to try to replicate the sense of community, collaboration, and engagement it creates. Now competitors are fighting back with apps — and the implications as this plays out are relevant to enterprises everywhere.

ZDNet February 14, 2019

Data Integration Issues Still Impede Digital Progress, Survey Shows

The foundation of a digitally savvy enterprise is data, and lots of it, coming from all corners, and having the right data at the right time being digested and turned into insights that guide both humans and machines to make the right things happen. But organizations are still fumbling in their efforts to bring it all together. Cloud services help -- but only go so far, and may even complicate things even more. 

Channelnomics February 13, 2019

Survey Reveals Cloud Migration Hurdles, Opportunities

Progress, a Bedford, Massachusetts-based provider of application development and digital experience technologies, has shared the results of its 2018 Data Connectivity Survey, which polled 1,400-plus business and IT professionals about their top-of-mind concerns as they migrate to the cloud.

Cloud Tech February 12, 2019

Relational Databases ‘Here to Stay’ in the Enterprise Amid Greater Cloud and Data Complexity

Reports of the death of the relational database have been greatly exaggerated – at least in the enterprise.

According to a new study from Progress Software – the company’s latest annual data connectivity report – while the on-premises relational database behemoths of SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle have declined year on year, the cloud push is not yet forthcoming for mission-critical workloads.