UX Designer

Interaction Design/ User Experience @ Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Job Summary

In this role, you will be responsible for designing elegant, robust user experiences that turn the complex problems of managing an app backend into a beautifully simple experience. You’ll be working alongside a team of UX pros & experienced engineers building new functionality, improving client-side performance, and keeping pace with new Ember releases (including 2.0) as well as ever-evolving best practices. If you love solving complex front-end problems then we want to hear from you!

The Product
Kinvey provides an industry-leading, fully featured Backend as a Service solution, offering 3rd party data integrations, multi-platform support, push notifications, and custom business logic on a platform that allows developers to reduce dramatically the time and cost of bringing mobile apps to market. We offer editions designed for individual developers and enterprise developers alike.

About You

You strive for the flawless user experience. With every page, every form, every widget, you are thinking about usability for your target audience - the
enterprise application developer or operations person. You understand the difference between perceived performance and objective performance, and you ask the questions like: How would a new user approach this page? What about a power user? How do we test our assumptions? You think beautiful enterprise software doesn’t have to be a contradiction.
You’re excited at the challenge of tackling the complexity of enterprise-level problems, and the chance to prove that enterprise software can be beautifully designed and deeply functional. As a Front end Developer, you have a good understanding of the browser environment, a passion for flawless user experiences, and the ability to design and maintain complex enterprise applications.

You are both a learner and a teacher
You are always willing to learn new things and be able to teach others what you know. You are eager to learn new technical skills and explore new technologies such as Ember. 

You want to make an impact
You want to find a team where you can do more than just crank through bug fixing, but take charge and spearhead new features, design new solutions, and tangibly impact the customer’s experience and success.

You’re a team player
You are opinionated yet thrive in a collaborative environment; you bring your ideas and an open mind, not your ego, to brainstorming sessions. You take the view that strong opinions must be accompanied by persuasion to build agreement and consensus in a team environment.

You’re a good communicator
Whether it is in email, chat, voice, tickets, code comments, or in person, you communicate clearly and enthusiastically with other people.

● Bachelor’s degree in a design or design-related field. Background in Computer Science and programming is preferred but not required
● Design experience with enterprise software applications
● Fluency in HTML/CSS

● You’ve worked on other application development platform products
● You have familiarity or have worked at or with modern enterprise SaaS applications like Salesforce, Box, etc.

If that sounds like the right opportunity for you, please apply with your CV and portfolio of design samples. We would be happy to talk to you!


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