Software Engineer

Software Engineering @ Sofia, Bulgaria

Job Summary

Progress is looking for a Software Engineer to join our Kinvey team in Sofia. In this role, you'll be responsible for building Kinvey’s next-generation cloud BaaS platform, utilizing an open-source technology stack for orchestrating and running customer code in Docker containers. You'll be tasked with building out our highly available BaaS engine and implementing an orchestration layer using tools such as Google Kubernetes or Apache Mesos. You'll also be expected to contribute to code reviews, mentor Junior Developers, and participate in architectural discussions. 

About you

You love challenges
Building a managed platform is hard. Data modeling, GC optimization, caching strategies, memory management, load balancing, and scheduling genuinely excite you.

You’re a team player
You are opinionated yet thrive in a collaborative environment; you bring your ideas and an open mind, not your ego, to brainstorming sessions. You enjoy providing technical advice to others.

You’re a good communicator
Whether it is in email, chat, voice, tickets, code comments, commit messages, or in person, you communicate well with other people.


  • Experience in building and scaling fault-tolerant distributed systems in a Microservices architecture
  • Solid understanding of API design
  • Understanding of Linux Container architecture
  • Solid understanding of and experience with Docker
  • Familiarity with one or more Docker orchestration tools (such as Kubernetes, Swarm)
  • Understanding of performance implications of serialization/deserialization, scale and security problems inherent to running untrusted code in a multitenant system, and the benefits and challenges of a distributed microservices architecture 


  • Building and maintaining public APIs
  • Familiarity with some of our current stack - node.js, MongoDB, Redis
  • Contributor/owner of open-source projects

How to apply

  • Submit your CV with links to code and blog posts you've written
  • Want to standout? Write an app or a piece of business logic that uses Kinvey and point us to the code. Bonus points for pointing things out in our API that we can do better
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