Senior Product Owner

Software Engineering @ Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Job Summary

We’re Progress - we offer the best platform for building and deploying tomorrow’s applications quickly and easily. We are bold, forward-thinking innovators who build things that work and care about our customers. We invent and reinvent every day, work together as one, value and respect each other and cheer our wins. Join us as a Product Owner in OpenEdge product development team.

Product Owner's Vision and Roadmap developed in liaison with Customers, Product Management and Scrum Team:
  • Understand customer needs by constantly interacting with Product Management, Customers and Business
  • Synthesize the information for the Vision, Roadmap and Program Backlog Help Product Management in estimating and forecasting the backlog
  • Use Lean Startup cycles to foster innovation.
  • Elaborate Features for the Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

Operation Efficiency of team :
  • Participate in team demo to see working system and assess the status
  • Participate in team retrospective and provide them feedback (good things, improvements needed, etc.)
  • Work across teams to define and implement improvement stories that will increase the velocity and quality of the program
  • Make sure Scrum practices are used and improved in the team

Scrum Team continuosuly delivers Value
  • Draft the team’s specific objectives for the upcoming PI Define stories, provide the clarifications necessary (serve as Customer proxy) to assist the team with the story estimates and sequencing during PI Planning
  • Drive Sprint Goals and Sprint content via prioritized Stories Team works on items that comply with the Definition of “Ready”
  • Validate that stories meet acceptance criteria, has appropriate and persistent acceptance tests, comply with Definition of Done, ensure level of quality with primary focus on fitness for use
  • Streamline the execution of program priorities while maintaining the conceptual and technical integrity of the Features or components for the team

Scrum Team works on the right team at the right side 

  • Collaborate with Product Management and other stakeholders, including other POs, for establishing the sequence of backlog items based on program priorities, events, and dependencies with other teams
Collaborate with the Architect for understanding the upcoming enabler work, assist with decision-making and sequencing of the critical technological infrastructures that will host the new business functionality
  • Manage change by adapting and adjusting at every PI and Sprint boundary
Prepare and produce PI System Demo and fold the feedback into the Team / Program backlog
  • Reach out to customers through programs like CVP, ESAP or direct 1-1 interaction to seek feedback on what they need and fold that into the backlog

Flow of work is maintained with backlog worth at least two iterations in “Ready to Develop” / “Defined” state

  • Maintain the status of epics throughout the PI execution (Defined, Committed, In development, Ready to Ship, Shipped)
  • Before PI Planning, work with SME / Architect / Team for defining the features by understanding them in terms of what is needed and how is it implemented, estimating them, and identifying the starter stories
  • During PI Execution, work with SME / Architect for reviewing how we are doing with the features, what needs to be done next and create relevant stories
Maintain the team backlog with inputs from Team, Architect and other stakeholders that include defects and enablers apart from stories
  • Elaborate backlog items, create Stories, detail Stories with acceptance criteria and tests (applying techniques like BDD)



Together, We Make Progress

Progress is an inclusive workplace where opportunities to succeed are available to everyone. As a multicultural company serving a global community, we encourage a wide range of points of view and celebrate our diverse backgrounds. Our unique combination of perspectives inspires innovation, connects us to our customers and positively affects our communities. It is only by working together and learning from each other that we make Progress. Join us!

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