Product Owner, Principal

Software Engineering @ Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

Job Summary

Product Owner, Principal


  • Work with development leaders, product management, and customers on translating business and technical requirements into user stories/roadmaps that the scrum team can implement
  • Ensure that user stories on the team’s backlog have clear acceptance criteria that has been validated by relevant stake holder
  • Ensure that work is properly ranked in accordance with business need
  • Define validation requirements for implementation of user stories to pass in order to be ready for stakeholder review
  • Understand stakeholders requirements sufficiently to be able to act as a voice of the customer for the scrum team
  • Facilitate reviews with stakeholder to ensure that requirements have been met & feedback for improvement is elicited from the stakeholders
  • Answer scrum team members questions on business requirement related to user stories they are implementing
  • Prioritize backlog of bugs that team members work on
  • Assist customer support and product management in customer escalations related to work the development team supports
  • Create enablement material for internal stakeholder to utilize so they can efficiently use the DevOps tools supported by the team
  • Provide training and coaching to improve quality of adoption of DevOps tools supported by the team
  • Perform quality of adoption audits of existing setup for DevOps tools supported by the team



  • Excellent interpersonal and training skills
  • Experience deploying and supporting DevOps tools/frameworks such as: TeamCity, Github, Artifactory, Veracode, SonarQube, VMWare, Docker, Ansible, Packer and Terraform
  • Familiarity with DevOps concepts (CI/CD), and release management procedures for complex on premise software that is supported on a wide variety of platforms (including Windows, Linux, and legacy Unix platforms)
  • Previous experience with Agile/Scrum, in product owner/manager role
  • Fast/independent learner capable of quickly understanding functional capabilities of frameworks such as InstallAnywhere & InstallShield
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