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Product Marketing Manager - Digital Marketing

Product Marketing @ Waltham, MA, United States

Job Summary


Job Title Product Marketing Manager

About The Team:

We represent the next generation of product marketers and are responsible for strategies and execution for the industry leading digital transformation solutions. These solutions include omni-channel customer engagement, spanning web, mobile, and wearables. Core capabilities include content management, mobile development, data integration, etc. We leverage a lean marketing approach so that we can lead the market from a thought leadership and execution perspective grounded in customer reality.

About the Job: We are looking for a Product Marketing Manager with a strong digital marketing background that understands the content management space and how the world of content, messaging and digital marketing connect.  The right candidate will understand the capabilities of digital marketing and how content management interacts with marketing automation, sales automation, SEO and online advertising.

About you:

 As a Product Marketing Manager on our Sitefinity team, you will…

  • Have a strong understanding of digital marketing strategy and technologies
  • Understand who’s doing what in the web content management and digital marketing space
  • Perform competitive analysis and create impactful tools for both Sales and Product Marketing
  • Support product launches
  • Write web, collateral, blog and other thought leadership copy using your unique knowledge and view of the world 
  • Provide support for the Sitefinity Sales Team when called upon
  • Speak at live and virtual events and provide a dynamic voice on what’s happening in the marketing and with Sitefinity

You will be the person who has/is (a/an):

  • Has 3-5 years of experience Product Marketing in a technology company
  • Solid background in Web content management and Marketing Automation systems
  • Passion for digging into tough problems and sharing the answers with others
  • Gift for being able to have meaningful conversations with the staffs of a CIO, VP of Sales or CMO
  • Need to write a 200-word blog on web content management systems before breakfast
  • Has an interest in how organizations are moving their business to a digital model
  • Talent for writing marketing copy and supporting marketing programs
  • Gift for keeping multiple projects moving at the same time

About Progress:

Today’s digital business reality demands new approaches and ideas. At the core of Progress is a single-minded determination to help businesses exceed the expectations of their customers. We don’t just build software, services and solutions. We create momentum. We spur success. We enable companies to deliver on their own promises. We triumph when our customers triumph.

This is a challenge we proudly embrace because we’re obsessed with creating software that consistently delivers tangible, measurable results across the board.

Today we are the destination of choice for developers building apps; tomorrow, we will be the Company who helps them connect with customers more effectively in this digital economy.

This commitment means we’re never satisfied with the now. Our customers rely on us to be ready for tomorrow, today. They rely on us to make progress.



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