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Intern - Build and Release Engineer

Software Engineering @ Bedford, MA, United States

Job Summary

Job Title Build and Release Engineer Intern

About The Team:

Build and Release team is the only team that has the view of the entire product.   We are the ones that create the branches, so that development can start working, we are the ones that create the build and its infrastructure, so that developers and QA can contribute.  We manage and admin all the tools that development uses to get their work done, from SCM tool, to bug tracking tool, to Agile tool, to debugging tools, to compilers and OS.  We manage, update, maintain the environment.   We own and maintain the build and test processes and tools, and work closely with development and QA, and assist them with their needs, and also  ensure that they do the right thing.  We also manage all releases, and hotfixes, and so we work very closely with Tech Support.   And since we manage the entire development infrastructure, we work closely with IT. 

About the Job:

Responsibilities include develop, troubleshoot and debug software programs for building software and products. Develop software tools utilities, databases and Internet-related tools. Determine hardware compatibility for our builds and processes.

About you:

 You will be executing and triaging the nightly build and tests; creating cdimages for production; ensuring problems are discovered and sent to the correct person for resolution in a timely manner; acting as first line of support for any question regarding to the product build and tests. You will also maintain all related scripts and tools and continue to automate existing manual processes. This is an entry level position with high visibility that a person can learn and grow into more senior roles.


 Energetic with attention to detail and eagerness to learn; Good communication skills; Works well in a team environment; Prior experience writing shell or Perl scripts is a plus; Experience with multi-platform (Unix & Windows) software builds or release processes and tools would be a plus.

About Progress:

Today’s digital business reality demands new approaches and ideas. At the core of Progress is a single-minded determination to help businesses exceed the expectations of their customers. We don’t just build software, services and solutions. We create momentum. We spur success. We enable companies to deliver on their own promises. We triumph when our customers triumph.

This is a challenge we proudly embrace because we’re obsessed with creating software that consistently delivers tangible, measurable results across the board.

Today we are the destination of choice for developers building apps; tomorrow, we will be the Company who helps them connect with customers more effectively in this digital economy.

This commitment means we’re never satisfied with the now. Our customers rely on us to be ready for tomorrow, today. They rely on us to make progress.



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