Front End Developer, Senior

Software Engineering @ Sofia, Bulgaria

Job Summary

We have a great opportunity for an experienced Front End Developer to join the Kinvey team. In this role, you will be responsible for building elegant, robust user interfaces that turn the complex problems of managing an app back end into a beautifully simple experience. You’ll be working alongside a team of experienced developers building new functionality, improving client-side performance, and keeping pace with newly emerging frameworks as well as ever-evolving best practices. If you love solving complex front end problems and want to work on a tool built by developers, for developers, then we want to hear from you!

As a Front End Developer, you must have a deep understanding of the browser environment, a passion for flawless user experiences, and the ability to build complex and maintain complex client-side applications.

At Kinvey, we are building a platform that makes it possible for mobile developers to never have to worry about building and operating a back end. Our customers are engineers like you. They choose our platform because they want to focus on what matters most - the User Experience - and they leave the back end to us.


You love learning
Perhaps you experiment with new JavaScript frameworks just for fun, or dive into new APIs or libraries constantly. You’re interested in more than just the fastest way to build the next feature - you’re the one figuring out the right way to build it.

You strive for the flawless user experience
With every page, every form, every widget, you are thinking of the edge cases and failure modes. You understand the difference between perceived performance and objective performance, and you ask the questions like: How would a new user approach this page? What about a power user? How do we test our assumptions?

You think beautiful enterprise software doesn’t have to be a contradiction
You’re excited at the challenge of tackling the complexity of enterprise-level problems, and the chance to prove that enterprise software can be beautifully designed and deeply functional.

You want to make an impact
You want to find a small team where you can have an oversized impact. Where you can do more than just crank through bug fixing, but take charge and spearhead new features, design new solutions, and tangibly impact the customer’s experience and success.

You’re a team player
You are opinionated yet thrive in a collaborative environment; you bring your ideas and an open mind, not your ego, to brainstorming sessions. You take the view of “strong opinions, weakly held”.

You’re a good communicator
Whether it is in email, chat, voice, tickets, code comments, or in person, you communicate well with other people.

You’re happy
We love what we do. You should too!


  • Hands-on experience in web single page application development
  • Extensive JavaScript development experience
  • Extensive knowledge of popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks (Angular/React/Vue/Ember)
  • Fluency in HTML/CSS and creating cross-browser layouts
  • Good knowledge of CSS preprocessors (LESS/SASS/PostCSS)
  • Experience with automation frameworks (Grunt/Gulp)
  • Experience with module bundlers (WebPack/Rollup.js)
  • Good written and verbal English skills


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Contributor/owner of open source projects
  • Experience building mobile apps
  • Experience working on developer-focused products
  • Experience building large-scale, rich, interactive, web interfaces
  • Experience with server technologies (Node.js)

If the above fits your experience and career goals, then we would be happy to hear from you!

What we offer in return is the opportunity to join a talented team of bright and nice people and to also enjoy: 

  • 30 days’ vacation + an extra day off for your birthday
  • Generous work-from home allowance
  • Premium healthcare and dental care coverage
  • A modern office with a well-equipped gym onsite
  • Kids' Center onsite
  • And many other perks

Apply now!

Progress is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building a versatile environment for all our employees.



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