Release–February 22, 2014

Progress DataDirect Cloud™

Progress DataDirect Cloud enables simple, fast connections to cloud data regardless of source—SaaS apps, big data stores, or social networks—using a single standards-based ODBC or JDBC driver. For example, an organization might want to use a reporting application to predict travel budgets by analyzing travel data stored in the cloud. DataDirect Cloud can provide connectivity with simple configuration instead of extensive coding. In addition, when you install the DataDirect Cloud On-Premise Connector on a machine behind your firewall, you can connect to on-premise data sources using DataDirect Cloud, without opening ports or otherwise configuring the fire wall. The On-Premise Connector establishes a secure connection back to DataDirect Cloud when needed to provide access to the on-premise data stores.

DataDirect Cloud– February 22, 2014

Key Features and Benefits

DataDirect Cloud provides these new features in this release:

  • Partnerships Referrals. Partners can now provide their customers seamless access to DataDirect Cloud. The enhanced DataDirect Cloud Driver for JDBC installer allows you to install and brand the driver at the same time.
  • Eloqua Data Store
    • Schema improvements for string fields to have correct lengths
    • The wsRetryCount custom property has been added, allowing you to specify how many times to retry the Eloqua Web service after an initial unsuccessful attempt.
    • Improved performance of Count(*) queries
  • Marketo Data Store
    • Improved performance when querying ActivityRecord and Child Tables
    • Improved performance of Count(*) queries


  • Eloqua Data Store
    • The topLimit custom property has been renamed as bulkTopThreshold.
    • The default value of the FailOnInCompleteData custom property is now 0.

Resolved Issues

  • The branding suffix feature of the DataDirect Cloud ODBC driver branding is now working correctly in the installer and in the standalone branding tool.
  • Error ???Column already exists??? occurred when connecting to Salesforce from DataDirect Cloud.
  • The Eloqua data store now correctly maps “large” fields as LONGWVARCHAR. All string fields were previously mapped as WVARCHAR.
  • Queries that SELECT fields longer than 16382 characters reported the following error when the query result is large and needs to be processed on disk (typically when query contains ORDER BY, GROUP BY):
    EloquaDisk cache error. Field length: 84448 exceeds maximum limit of 65535.10232
  • The Eloqua data store defines the length of the predefined text fields (not user-defined fields) as 100 and long text fields as 8000. If the actual data exceeds these lengths for multi-select and long text fields, The lengths of the multi-select fields is now defined as 1000 and long text fields as 32000.
Marketo Data Store
  • ActivityRecord and Child Tables no longer require Views to query all records

Known Issues

A few issues are bound to get by even the most exhaustive testing. We are working to fix the following:

  • OpenEdge 10.2b - Setting the MaxPooledStatements data source option in an OpenEdge data store to a value other than zero can cause statement not prepared errors to be returned in some situations.
  • The DataDirect Cloud On-Premise Connector must be uninstalled and re-installed in order to access Rollbase Private Cloud behind a firewall. Note that installing the new On-Premise connector over an existing installation may cause a problem where the On-Premise Connector does not pick up the updated needed for Rollbase support.

    NOTE : Reinstalling the On-Premise Connector changes the Connector ID. Any OpenEdge On-Premise data sources defined in DataDirect Cloud must be updated with the new Connector ID.
  • Access to the On-Premise Connector is now restricted such that only the DataDirect Cloud user that registered the On-Premise Connecter can establish a connection through that On-Premise Connector. For example, if the DataDirect Cloud username johndoe is specified during the installation of the On-Premise Connector, then the user must be logged into DataDirect Cloud as johndoe in order to be able to establish connections through the connector. The user johndoe can have multiple connections open going through the same On-Premise Connector.
  • Referral Partners must use DataDirect Cloud ODBC driver version 2.00.0039 or higher or DataDirect Cloud JDBC driver version
  • Testing has shown the following two errors from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online when executing queries against the ImportData and TeamTemplate tables:
    • Attribute errortype on Entity ImportData is of type picklist but has Child Attributes Count 0
    • Attribute issystem on Entity TeamTemplate is of type bit but has Child Attributes Count 0

We have filed a case with Microsoft and are waiting to hear back about the cause of the issue.

  • Eloqua Data Store
    • For queries on ACCOUNT and CONTACT tables that are processed as bulk queries , the Eloqua data store may report the following error.

Query Execution Failed. Error invoking Service, Response Error Code: 404, NOT_FOUND
This error can occur when the query takes longer than 3600 seconds (1 hour). Set the bulktimeout custom property in the data source to a larger value and run the query.

  • See the files d2cjdbcreadme.txt and d2codbcreadme.txt for the latest notes and known issues when accessing DataDirect cloud through the DataDirect Cloud ODBC and JDBC drivers. These files are located in the installation directory for the ODBC and JDBC drivers.

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