Release–October 24, 2013

Progress DataDirect Cloud™

Progress DataDirect Cloud enables simple, fast connections to cloud data regardless of source—SaaS apps, big data stores, or social networks—using a single standards-based ODBC or JDBC driver. For example, an organization might want to use a reporting application to predict travel budgets by analyzing travel data stored in the cloud. DataDirect Cloud can provide connectivity with simple configuration instead of extensive coding.

DataDirect Cloud Service Pack – October 24

DataDirect Cloud provides these features in Service Pack 1 Beta:
The following Beta data stores have been added:

  • Progress OpenEdge (cloud)
  • Progress OpenEdge (On-Premise)

For information about data stores currently in Beta, go to
Known Issues

DataDirect Cloud Launch – October 5

DataDirect Cloud meets the challenge of connecting to your CRM data a secure, scalable environment. You have a single pipe, cloud-based connectivity – one step ahead of today’s CRM revolution.

Key Features and Benefits

DataDirect Cloud provides these features
Progress Pacific Console Integration
The integration of Progress Pacific Console in DataDirect Cloud has changed the navigation flow. After a user registers and logs in, the Progress® Pacific™ console appears. The DataDirect Cloud card on the Progress Pacific console displays details such as the number of active data sources and available data sources are displayed on the card. Flip the card to find the Usage and SQL statement details.
The integration of the Progress Pacific Console allows you to try the Progress Rollbase product, which is part of the Progress Pacific offering.
90-day Evaluation Bundle Plan
In this release, the evaluation period of DataDirect Cloud is extended from 30 days to 90 days. After registration and during the evaluation period, you can also try the Rollbase product, which is part of the Progress Pacific offering.
Usability Enhancements

  • The product now includes a Getting Started section. You can access it from the Dashboard view.
  • The navigation bar is replaced with a new header and footer, which provides links to various required resources such as Support, Terms of use, and Help.
  • The payment processing is now simplified to provide better user experience.

DataDirect Cloud Drivers

  • Progress Rollbase is a cloud platform that allows rapid creation of software as a service (SaaS) business applications using point-and-click, drag-and-drop tools in a standard Web browser with a minimal amount of code. Rollbase can be deployed to any cloud or in-house infrastructure.

Features in Beta

More connectivity solutions are in development for DataDirect Cloud. The following beta options are available now:

  • FinancialForce
  • HubSpot
  • Oracle RightNow
  • ServiceMax
  • Veeva CRM

Known Issues

A few issues are bound to get by even the most exhaustive testing. We are working to fix the following:

  • Some unrecognizable characters are displayed in the Service Agreement.
  • In the DataDirect Cloud Dashboard, data/text overlaps when resizing the browser.
  • After updating the address in registration, the old address is still valid in User Profile information.
  • Company name is not displayed for Corp Accounts after the user logs in to DataDirect Cloud.
  • Joins that include large numbers of records across tables that do not have a predefined relationship may lead to an out of memory condition.
  • HubSpot queries may return the following error when a timeout occurs: “Error invoking Service, Response Error Code:: 504, [10300]” The query must be reissued.
  • Salesforce Metadata is displaying incorrect size/precision of columns.
  • Salesforce Metadata is displaying incorrect IS_NULLABLE of columns.

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