Release-August 2, 2014

Progress DataDirect Cloud™

Progress DataDirect Cloud enables simple, fast connections to cloud and on-premise data regardless of source—SaaS apps, big data stores, or social networks—using a single standards-based ODBC or JDBC driver , or OData enabled application. For example, an organization might want to use a reporting application to predict travel budgets by analyzing travel data stored in the cloud. DataDirect Cloud can provide connectivity with simple configuration instead of extensive coding. In addition, when you install the DataDirect Cloud On-Premise Connector on a machine behind your firewall, you can connect to on-premise data sources using DataDirect Cloud, without opening ports or otherwise configuring the fire wall. The On-Premise Connector establishes a secure connection back to DataDirect Cloud when needed to provide access to the on-premise data stores.

DataDirect Cloud– August 2, 2014

Key Features and Benefits

DataDirect Cloud provides the following new features for this release.

New GA Data Stores
New Beta Data Stores
  • The following beta data stores are now available.
    • SugarCRM
    • Google Analytics
  • New OData v2.0 API provides access to DataDirect Cloud data sources via the standard OData API. The OData API provides users and applications another choice for accessing DataDirect Cloud data sources in addition to the existing ODBC and JDBC drivers. The OData API opens up DataDirect Cloud to other languages and platforms including tablets, smart phones, web applications and more. See OData Features below for details.

  • The DataDirect Cloud OData API is supported for the following data stores:
    • Amazon Redshift
    • IBM DB2
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle Service Cloud
    • PostgreSQL
    • Progress OpenEdge
    • Progress Rollbase
    • Salesforce
  • Additionally the OData API is available as a beta service for the following data stores:
    • Financial Force
    • Google Analytics
    • Greenplum
    • Hubspot
    • Informix
    • Service Max
    • Sugar CRM
    • Sybase
    • Veeva
  • The OData API is not yet available for the following data stores:
    • Apache Hive
    • Marketo
On-Premise Connector
  • Multiple users can access the same On-Premise Connector
  • Multiple On-Premise Connectors can be installed on a single machine
  • Installer Updates:
    • Upgrade installation – When installing over an existing installation, the connector ID is preserved.
    • Microsoft Dynamics Kerberos authentication – A configuration wizard has been added for configuring Microsoft Dynamics Kerberos authentication upon installation.
Management API
  • DataDirect Cloud now exposes a set of Management APIs that allow applications and users to configure and manage OEM users, Data Sources, and On-Premise Connector access. The DataDirect Cloud Management API is a set of REST APIs that any HTTP client can invoke. The Management API currently provides the following APIs.
    • OEM User Provisioning API
      • Allows OEM applications to Create, View, Update and Delete OEM users. OEMs can grant their end users access to DataDirect Cloud under the OEM partner account by creating OEM users under their account. This API is accessible to OEM partner administrators only.
    • Data Source API
      • Allows users to query the list of data stores available and to create, view, update, delete, and test data sources. The Data Source API provides an alternative to the DataDirect Cloud web interface for creating and managing data sources.
    • Connector API
      • Allows users to manage the list of DataDirect Cloud users that can access On-Premise Connectors that are owned by the user. This API allows users to set up a single On-Premise Connector and allows multiple users to share that connector when accessing on-premise data sources.
Other Updates
  • The Salesforce data store now supports Salesforce API 30.
  • The Eloqua data store now supports Eloqua REST API 2.0 and includes support for Activity Types and Custom Objects.

OData Features

  • OData version 2.0 supported
  • Read only
  • Client and Server Side Pagination
  • Persisted Data Model – per Data Source
  • All Filter constructs supported:
    • Logical and Arithmetic expressions
    • Filter scalar functions (except IsOf)
  • Batch Operations not supported
  • Service Operations not supported

Resolved Issues

  • Reinstalling the On-Premise Connector no longer changes the Connector ID if a new version of the On-Premise Connector is installed over an existing version. The Connector ID of the existing version is preserved.
  • The On-Premise Connector is no longer restricted to providing access to a single user. The Connector API can be used by the owner of the connector to grant access through the connector to other DataDirect Cloud users.

Known Issues

Even with exhaustive testing, not all issues can be immediately resolved. We are working to fix the following:

  • OData - $expand only supports one level deep.

For example, with the entity hierarchy:
|- Orders
| |- OrderItems
|- Contacts

The following queries are supported:

However, this query is not supported:

OrderItems is a second level entity with respect to Customers. To query Orders and OrderItems, the query must be rooted at Orders. For example:

  • OData – The table names and column names specified in the ODataSchemaMap data source option are case-sensitive. The case of the table and column names must match the case of the tables and column names reported by the data source. If the name of a column specified in the key array of a table mapping object is not found a NullPointerException is generated.

  • OData – When specifying a $select clause with a $expand clause, the select is only applied to the top-level entity. Columns specified in the select clause for expanded entities are currently ignored. The expanded entity values include all properties of the expanded entity.

  • OData – The substring scalar function is not working when specified in a $filter clause when querying an Oracle data source.

  • OData – The $expand clause is not working with OpenEdge data sources.

  • OData – The day scalar function is not working when specified in a $filter clause when querying a DB2 data source.

  • OData – The documentation for the current release indicates that OData access is supported for Marketo and Apache Hive data stores. However, DataDirect Cloud does not support OData access for these data stores at this time.

  • MySQL – Specifying NULL in a select list when accessing a MySQL data source via the ODBC driver returns the error "NULL SQL type not supported".

  • GoogleAnalytics – In some situations, the driver may return the following error during connection: "The configuration options used to open the database do not match the options used to create the database." Specifying a value for the Map Name connection option in your data source configuration and recreating the map using the Create Mapping option is a way to work around this issue.

  • Oracle Service Cloud – The initial connection when the relational map is created can take some time. It is even possible to receive an error "504: Gateway Timeout". When this happens, DataDirect Cloud continues to build the map in the background such that subsequent connection attempts are successful and have full access to the relational map.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Installing the On-Premise Connector with support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM requires a JDK to be installed on the host system. In order for the Progress DataDirect Cloud Connector service to successfully install, the JAVA_HOME system environment variable must be set to the location of an installed JDK prior to launching the installer.

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM – The initial on-premise connection when the relational map is created can take some time. It is even possible to receive an error "504: Gateway Timeout". When this happens, DataDirect Cloud continues to build the map in the background such that subsequent connection attempts are successful and have full access to the relational map.

  • On-Premise Connector – If connection requests to an on-premise data source hang, it is recommended that a login time out be specified for that on-premise data source. When a connection request hangs, it ties up a thread in the On-Premise Connector. If enough connections hang, this can diminish the capacity of the On-Premise Connector. In extreme cases, it can block all access through the connector.

  • Using setByte to set parameter values fails when the data source does not support the TINYINT SQL type. Use setShort or setInt to set the parameter value instead of setByte.

  • Testing has shown the following two errors from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online when executing queries against the ImportData and TeamTemplate tables:
    • Attribute errortype on Entity ImportData is of type picklist but has Child Attributes Count 0
    • Attribute issystem on Entity TeamTemplate is of type bit but has Child Attributes Count 0

Note: We have filed a case with Microsoft and are waiting to hear back about the cause of the issue.

  • OpenEdge 10.2b – Setting the MaxPooledStatements data source option in an OpenEdge data store to a value other than zero can cause statement not prepared errors to be returned in some situations.

  • Salesforce – When attempting to define a metadata object with multiple fields, the following error may be reported: "Async job could not be executed". This is a known issue with the Salesforce Metadata API. To workaround this issue, log into your organization’s Salesforce Web site and create the metadata object using the Salesforce Web interface.

  • See the files d2cjdbcreadme.txt and d2codbcreadme.txt for the latest notes when accessing DataDirect Cloud through the DataDirect Cloud ODBC and JDBC drivers. These files are located in the installation directory for the ODBC and JDBC drivers.

Third Party Acknowledgments

Third party acknowledgments are listed on the following Web page.

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