Unite UX Essentials – A Getting Started Guide for Early Adopters

The collaboration between UX designers and front-end developers can be a painful process. Designers and developers speak different languages, use vastly different tools, and have varying skillsets. This leads to longer development cycles, more iterations and a slower time-to-market – not to mention disparity between what your product should look like and what it actually looks like. This disparity could not only create team friction between teammates but could also come at the cost of your end-users not choosing to adopt your product.

Unite UX can help you bridge the gap between design and development.

Join us for this live webinar to learn more about our release to the Early Access Program registrants.

We will show how to install, get started and work with the Unite UX Sketch plug-in and Unite UX Studio. We will guide you through a general workflow:

  • On the design side we hook into tools such as Sketch (Adobe XD is next in our Roadmap) and provide a design library that is fully customizable and extensible
  • Export the design with our plug-in. The generated meta file is then consumed by Unite UX Studio
  • Prototype with live data. And without writing a single line of code
  • Developers define the responsive layout and Unite UX generates the front-end
  • You’ll get clean, fully extensible Angular or React code that you can open in your preferred IDE such as VS Code
  • Configure the components properties via visual editors super-fast. Add the business logic're done
  • And because we know changes can always happen in the last moment – we've enabled a two-way communication via Unite UX to easily apply changes until you reach perfection


Dan Levy
Senior Director, Progress
Antoniya Boynovska
Product Manager, Progress

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