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Making Smarter Decisions (Datasheet)

Making Smarter Decisions in Business Process Outsourcing

One of the key pillars of success for any BPO partner is using modern technology to deliver operational efficiencies quickly across a range of functions and a range of clients—a task that is difficult if not impossible to achieve for an individual client. Most existing legacy systems are complex and fragile, and modernising or replacing any part of them to meet new business needs is costly and time-consuming.

New technologies enable companies to perform processing tasks in a streamlined, automated fashion. To be effective, however, technology has to enable the people delivering the service to be more efficient than they would have been without help from BPO.  At the heart of many of these outsourced functions is the need for continual decision making: this often involves complex decisions around service eligibility, up-sell and cross-sell, fraud detection, claims management and the like—often with an emphasis on consistently taking the right “next best action.”  Automating this decision making, at scale across a range of clients can drive down cost, improve operational performance and massively improve business agility.

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