Sitefinity as a Portal Solution

The times, technology, and the way we work have conspired to elevate portal technology's importance in our daily lives. Whether it's internal portals emerging as the next evolution of company intranets, or external portals that serve valued customers and partners with streamlined access to backend systems, portals are sure to become even more prevalent.

A digital portal acts as "a value-added middleman," offering services including web searching, news, reference tools, and communications capabilities, according to Gartner.

Read this ebook for insight into digital portals, including:

  • Knowledge of the different portal types
  • Practical advice on portal administration
  • Guidance toward achieving policy compliance and security
  • Relevant case studies describing portal features and solutions

As a modern CMS with a decoupled architecture, a robust API, tools for business users, and multi-channel capabilities, Progress Sitefinity positions itself well regarding these features, resources, and tools.

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