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What's New in Sitefinity DX 14.3

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The Sitefinity DX 14 series provides ease of use, superior connectivity and extensibility, built-in analytics, personalization, optimization and customer data capabilities, as well as multi-experience orchestration support.

Watch our webinar to discover how the new Sitefinity DX 14.3 further enables you to:

  • Transform the content management experience across your organization by leveraging Section Presets
  • Deliver seamless internal search experience with built-in support for faceted navigation
  • Determine the next best action for visitors and prospects and optimize the journey using Sitefinity‘s new AI-driven Content Recommender
  • Create uniquely personalized, secure and HIPAA-compliant experiences

We also talk about .Net 6, GraphQL, multichannel content delivery and how NativeChat can automate your first line of support, answer frequently asked questions and engage with your customers 24/7.

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