Modernize with the Progress Application Server (PAS) for OpenEdge

Applications must evolve in order for businesses to compete. The demand for modernized applications and robust, integrated digital experiences requires flexibility and reliability like never before.

Scalability and Extensibility Are Key

PAS for OpenEdge is a highly scalable, performant and secure application server, designed for cloud-first deployments. It enables application developers to leverage the existing ABL codebase to provide new functionality, technology and mobile experiences, as well as extend APIs.


Forrester Report

A Developer's Guide To Forrester's Strategies For API Success

In the modern business landscape, APIs are key agents of digital transformation. They power new business strategies, enterprise agility, connectivity, and world-class customer engagement across all systems. To learn more, read this March 2018 report from leading industry analyst, Forrester.

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REST APIs In an OpenEdge Environment

With the rise of SaaS applications and highly integrated microservices, REST APIs have grown increasingly popular as they enable organizations to better integrate data assets with enterprise applications. In this webinar, REST APIs for OpenEdge, Progress Solution Architect David Atkins and Sr. Software Architect Mark Biamonte cover why many businesses are increasingly adopting OData (an OASIS/ISO-approved standard) to simplify the process of building and consuming REST APIs, complete with a demo.

Cloud-First Application Evolution

Progress partners and customers realize that providing both cloud and on-premises versions of their application functionality is necessary in order to survive competitive exclusion. At the same time, shifting to a cloud/SaaS model can present many challenges that must be considered as well.

In this video and podcast, Progress Partner Infor discusses how it overcame these challenges with the help of Progress Application Server for OpenEdge.

  • Scalability

    Businesses must be able to scale alongside customer demands. Elevate user satisfaction with a scalable app server that serves web, SaaS and mobile apps. Built on the widely adopted Apache Tomcat and integrated with OpenEdge, PAS provides scalability along with the reliability you've come to expect. Take a closer look at what's possible by downloading our recommended modern and cloud-first architecture.

  • Simplicity

    Already using the classic OpenEdge AppServer? It's easy to migrate to PAS for OpenEdge using the prescriptive methods in this video or whitepaper, provided by the Progress engineering team. For more help, consider a QuickStart Services engagement or the PASOE Tuning Guide.

  • Efficiency

    Hear about monitoring and management tools that make PAS easy to use and efficient to maintain in this webinar, Why PAS for OpenEdge. Increase productivity with fewer resources, while driving operational excellence and agility. Also, now New Relic users can manage and configure metrics for data analysis using our Progress Plugin for New Relic.

The Progress Application Server is really important to our application because it allows us to consolidate our business logic into one location creating a highly maintainable code base.

Jeffrey Brown Principal Architect, Infor

We were looking for better security and scalability. And PAS for OpenEdge hasn’t let us down. We had a 30% performance improvement after the very first build.

Morten Janum CIO, Mark Information

As a software architect, I’m challenged by how quickly can we take new technology from idea or prototype to the actual product.  With the Progress Application Server,  we were able to do that in days or weeks rather than months.

Jeffrey Brown Principal Architect, Infor

By moving to newer versions of OpenEdge, we didn’t have to build improved authorizations and security for Cloud migration from scratch. It’s been a great journey finding more innovative ways to serve our customers.

Morten Janum CIO, Mark Information

We stay current on the latest version of OpenEdge because the Progress Application Server is key for us. Without it we wouldn’t be able to create and maintain those cutting edge APIs that we need to extend our application. And we don’t have to learn the code because Progress hides that complexity from us.

Paul Knopf Chief Architect, Generation Fifth Applications

The Progress Application Server for OpenEdge has been the key driver for our modernization efforts by opening up our application to the rest of the world, providing new integration capabilities and allowing other applications to tap into the business logic.

Morten Janum CIO, Mark Information

PAS for OpenEdge opens the world up for us to be able to connect our business logic with various different technologies.

Jeffrey Brown Principal Architect, Infor
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Embrace the Future

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