OpenEdge Analytics360:
Business Intelligence
without the Hassle

Faster time to market, lower costs, quicker ROI—get it all with
OpenEdge Analytics360.


Progress® OpenEdge® Analytics360™ is the complete business intelligence and data analytics solution for OpenEdge. Once you’ve implemented our OpenEdge Analytics360 framework with your selected KPI and made your operational data available, you can watch your business intelligence solution come to life.

The newest version of Analytics360 provides:

  • Improved Interface
    Analytics360 has always provided the user with a customized user interface, but now the out-of-the-box UI is cleaner and more intuitive than ever before.
  • User-Defined Metrics
    End users now have the ability to define their own metrics and utilize those metrics within Analytics360 content. They can make calculations on the fly against the data, create user-defined visualizations and use metrics throughout the application.
  • ETL Framework Maintenance
    Easily maintain analytics processes with intuitive pages for data preparation processes.
  • R Support
    Organizations requiring advanced analytic capabilities can now incorporate R Libraries into their Analytics360 solution.  Several examples are included with this release.  For more information, head over to the R Project.
  • Enhanced ETL Processes
    OpenEdge Analytics360 version 3.3 provides enhanced performance throughout the app—especially when performing extract/transfer/load (ETL) processes. Integrate your data more quickly now.
  • New Predictive Capabilities
    Additional forecasting methodologies and other new features have been added to our data forecaster. We’ve pushed even more analytics capabilities into the hands of everyday users.

See a demo of Analytics360 today—a BI solution that helps you work with your data—not against it.

Progress OpenEdge Analytics360 Business Intelligence Blueprint

The OpenEdge Analytics360 Business Intelligence Blueprint helps you uncover new ways of capitalizing on your data and unlocking new business opportunities. To learn more, check out our BI Blueprint overview.

Solution Brief: Progress OpenEdge Analytics360

OpenEdge Analytics360 isn’t your ordinary business intelligence tool. To get the full breakdown, read our OpenEdge Analytics360 solutions brief.

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