OpenEdge Analytics360 3.4:
Business Intelligence 
at your fingertips

Faster time to market, rapid data retrieval—get it all with
OpenEdge Analytics360 3.4.


Progress® OpenEdge® Analytics360™ is the complete business intelligence and data analytics solution for OpenEdge. Now with the new OpenEdge Analytics360 3.4 your framework and selected KPI are implemented even more quickly.  Upgrade now and watch your business intelligence solution come to life with these enhancements:

Analytics360 3.4 provides:

  • Easier Implementation
    New installation and upgrade process makes implementation much easier than ever before.
  • Direct OpenEdge Connectivity
    The business intelligence server now includes a selectable OpenEdge database connection directly within the Analytics 360 product.
  • More Rapid Data Retrieval
    ActiveSQL is now available for the OpenEdge database--accelerating the data retrieval process.
  • Easier Monitoring
    Increased ability to monitor query performance and KPI usage.
  • Faster Access to Pre-built KPI
    Streamlined process of delivering and installing pre-built content with packaged KPI.

See a demo of Analytics360 3.4 today—a BI solution that helps you work with your data—not against it.

Progress OpenEdge Analytics360 Business Intelligence Blueprint

The OpenEdge Analytics360 Business Intelligence Blueprint helps you uncover new ways of capitalizing on your data and unlocking new business opportunities. To learn more, check out our BI Blueprint overview.

Solution Brief: Progress OpenEdge Analytics360

OpenEdge Analytics360 isn’t your ordinary business intelligence tool. To get the full breakdown, read our OpenEdge Analytics360 solutions brief.

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