Generate Qualified Leads for Your Business With a Chatbot

Webinar On-Demand

Chatbots have evolved from a fun idea for techies to play with, to serious tools that can help every business be more efficient communicating with their customers and prospects.

An AI-driven chatbot can guide visitors to relevant resources, answer questions around your products and services, and even help them book a meeting with one of your experts or a salesperson. Connect that chatbot with one of your internal systems, and you have a recipe for a 10x jump in lead generation.

In this webinar, we’ll cover some core chatbot concepts, go over best practices of a well-designed chatbot, and look at how a chatbot can assist your company with lead generation.

We’ll even show you how to build a fully-featured chatbot from scratch in 10-15 minutes. You’ll be amazed how much can be achieved with the declarative approach to building chatbots that can answer straight forward questions and guide the user through a step-by-step conversation.

You’ll also hear about a limited program at Progress where we’ll work with you to build your first FAQ chatbot and get it to your preferred channel within a couple of weeks!

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You can contact our NativeChat product expert for more information.