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Chatbots have crossed the technology threshold from “gimmick” to “critical business component.” Whether you’re developing web or mobile apps or integrating with social platforms like Facebook and Viber, delivering guidance and immediate responses to your users has never been more critical.

That’s where Progress NativeChat can help. NativeChat enables both technical and non-technical users to build guided task chatbots using the constructs they already know. Interface with your own data, living in your own cloud, and deploy your bot to numerous platforms.

View this on-demand webinar as we dive into the NativeChat platform. We cover topics such as:

• What’s a chatbot?
• How to program your way to a custom guided task completion bot
• How to use our visual designer to create your own FAQ bot

We also cover an exciting new program at Progress where we work with you to build the custom chatbot your business needs!



Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress

Sebastian Witalec 

Sebastian Witalec – Developer Relations, Progress

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