All You Need To Know
About Chatbots in 2020

Live Webinar: Thursday, April 16

10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 5:00pm GMT

Modern chatbots can provide a useful and engaging experience for your customers. They not only save you time and money but when done right, they can also make mundane processes more enjoyable for users.

But building a chatbot is an intimidating task. It requires a deliberate strategy that considers the complexities at every level, and results in an intelligent, virtually human-like experience for the end user.

This webinar provides an overview of common chatbot technologies and explores what is most important to think about when planning your chatbot strategy. We’ll examine security-related issues, deployment models and more. We’ll also explore if building chatbots requires dedicated developers, or can it be handled by tech savvy Sales/Marketing/HR Ops teams.

You’ll also hear about an exciting new program at Progress where we’ll work with you to build a custom chatbot that meets your specific business needs!


Headshot-Iliyan Iliev

Iliyan Iliev – Senior Manager, Software Engineering, Progress

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