Strategic Outlook for 9 Types of Developers in the Digital Era

Traditionally, application development was viewed as an isolated activity, working largely without disturbance from other areas of the company. However, with technology becoming deeply entrenched into every aspect of business, development teams have become an increasingly strategic asset.

Now, modern enterprises are being tasked with building comprehensive digital teams, with each developer bringing unique skills and specialties to the table. How well this team is constructed can play a huge role in the success of a company’s broader digital efforts.

For a strategic look at the decisions enterprises need to make as they build out their digital teams, read this whitepaper. It covers key considerations like:

  • The nine different categories that modern developers fall into
  • The drivers of development talent availability
  • The importance of understanding how to craft a forward-looking development strategy

Download this whitepaper today and master the new developer landscape.

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