Thriving in a Post-App World
with Microapps

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It’s a safe bet that your organization manages countless apps, ranging from 20 year old web apps to cutting-edge native mobile apps. And the number of new app requests are increasing at an unsustainable rate. Plus, your users expect more - top line performance, modern usability, and an bug-free experience.

Your IT team is stuck in the middle. How do you keep building more apps, for more users, while maintaining a consistent UX, provisioning the right apps to the right people, and keeping up with today’s development standards?

The solution to your problems could very well be the Kinvey Microapps platform, powered by NativeScript.

Microapps are single-purpose workflows that help users accomplish individual tasks as part of a more complex workflow. Microapps help break complicated systems into an easier-to-manage array of workflows (microapps) that can be made instantly available on any device a user may want.

In this webinar, we will dive into:

  • What is a microapp exactly?
  • How microapps can use NativeScript to create engaging native app experiences
  • How to connect a microapp to an existing legacy system
  • How we can easily deploy and provision a microapp

Register today and learn how you can quickly and easily launch a micro app to improve both employee and customer experiences.



Rob Lauer, Senior Manager of Developer Relations, Progress


Tara Manicsic, Developer Advocate, Progress

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