Mobile App Dev Gotchas on AWS, Firebase, and Kinvey

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AWS Amplify, Azure, Firebase, and Progress Kinvey. The competition amongst cloud-based app dev platforms has ramped up to a fever pitch. When you look across the offerings, your eyes may glaze over at the extensive features provided by each. One handles storage really well, another cloud functions, maybe a third has intriguing AI-based cognitive features, and the fourth lets you easily integrate with your existing enterprise systems.

How are you, as an app developer, able to pick and choose between these options? How can you make the best choice based on your skill set and your company’s needs?

View this on-demand webinar as we look into AWS Amplify, Firebase, and Kinvey. We will also dive into some developer-friendly features of Kinvey. Kinvey runs on top of AWS, providing many of the same features as AWS Amplify but with predictable pricing and other features you may not even know about, such as:

  • Kinvey DevOps
  • One-Click Modernizing of Legacy Data Stores
  • Enterprise Authentication Integration
  • All on a Fully Managed Infrastructure



Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress

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