Kinvey Studio—The Fastest Way to Build Enterprise Web, Mobile and Chat Apps

The Fastest Way to Build Enterprise Web, Mobile and Chat Apps

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    Enterprises always want their applications to be better, cheaper and faster, but they’ve often been forced to settle with two of the three. Until now, that is. 

    What’s coming in Kinvey is a new tool built for visually creating engaging chatbots and immersive experiences across web, iOS and Android. Kinvey remains focused on developers and this approach delivers visual productivity while providing full control over the application code and development experience. You can build and maintain no-compromise enterprise-grade applications while avoiding many of the headaches traditionally associated with app development.

    To learn more, view this webinar as we discuss how Kinvey Studio gives you everything you need to:

  • Visually design and build apps in a matter of minutes
  • Write custom logic and UI to finetune the digital experience
  • Connect to enterprise data sources and authentication providers with low-code integration
  • Extend your applications across web, mobile and chat with ease
  • Accelerate delivery by sharing code between different platforms


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Rob Lauer –Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress

TJ VanToll – Principal Developer Advocate, NativeScript

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