How to Build an Integrated Web, Mobile,
and Chatbot Experience

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We all want to build app experiences that reach more users across more devices. Traditionally this has meant a “siloed” approach to app dev, sharing only a minimal amount of code or a backend API layer. This has led to ballooning budgets and missed deadlines.

Thankfully Progress Kinvey and NativeChat enable developers to do just what they want: create authentic and engaging apps across web, mobile and chat! Apps are created in a high productivity manner, with less code, and more developer control than other platforms.

“How to Build an Integrated Web, Mobile, and Chatbot Experience” explores how to:

  • Build a cross-platform native mobile app
  • Add a PWA to manage the backend
  • Create an AI-powered chatbot to further engage our users

All with the high productivity provided by Progress Kinvey and NativeChat!



Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress

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