Reducing the Cost of
Mobile Apps

On-demand Webinar

The mobile app revolution has hit the enterprise. Smartphones, tablets, watches—your internal users and customers demand engaging experiences on the devices they use, on their terms.

Existing resourcing problems, enterprise/legacy systems and changing requirements impact your cost and speed of app delivery. Fortunately, newer techniques drastically reduce app costs and time to market. This webinar examines how enterprises are accelerating development, cutting expenses, and reducing their IT app backlog.

You’ll learn:

  • Cost-effective ways to extend existing enterprise and legacy systems for modern user experiences
  • Strategies to reduce the need for specialized technical skills in your organization without compromising quality, compliance or security
  • How to share code between web and mobile, allowing for reuse and standardization
  • Implementing development accelerators for common app needs like user authentication, data storage, and security
  • Building truly native iOS and Android apps, using the web skills developers already have
  • How reducing cost helps your IT organization align better with the rest of the business during digital transformation

See how to reduce your app backlog while retaining full control over application logic, compliance, security, user experience, and access control.

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Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations
Dan Wilson – Senior Product Manager