The New Mobile Development Landscape

How to choose the best framework for mobile development

Mobile development is still a young field. At first, there weren’t many options for building apps. Now, there are hundreds of different frameworks and platforms—and nobody knows which are great and which are worthless.

Small development shops can afford to play around with the different options and see what works best; they could potentially even switch approaches between apps. On the other hand, larger shops must think big; the decisions they make could have a long-term impact on the cost and effectiveness of their development efforts.

Regardless of size, you need to be smart as you choose your framework. That’s why we’ve created this eBook—to help you make smarter choices about how you build modern, cross-platform mobile apps. This eBook covers:

  • The modern mobile development landscape
  • Making the transition between different frameworks or platforms
  • Testing your mobile apps
  • Building a backend for your mobile app

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