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Low-Code Development for Web, Mobile and Chat in the Real World

On-Demand Webinar

Depending on what role you play in building apps, the concept of “low-code” or “no code” development can elicit either fear or doubt—or maybe both.

View this on-demand webinar as we explore the Kinvey Studio low-code solution. We dive into real world examples of building cross-platform apps in less time, with less code than ever before through features including:

  • Code portability (no vendor lock-in)
  • Enterprise data and authentication integration (use existing data sources)
  • Round-trip code editing (legible code, and editing in your tool of choice)
  • Access to cutting-edge features like Augmented Reality and Chatbots
  • Simultaneous web, iOS, and Android development


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Rob Lauer –Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress

TJ VanToll – Principal Developer Advocate, NativeScript

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