How to Migrate Your
Business Logic to the Cloud

Webinar On-Demand

“To the cloud!” is the modern IT battle cry. As developers, we embrace the cloud as a means of accessing virtually unlimited resources and modern APIs. As startup CEOs, we see how the cloud enables us to go-to-market faster than ever before.

A big part of the “cloud” is this concept of cloud functions—core business logic running on high-availability and high-performance servers. This means we have to migrate our app functions in order to access these powerful resources. A nice side effect is securing and obscuring code from prying eyes.

Join us on Thursday, March 26 at 11:00 am ET for “How to Migrate Your Business Logic to the Cloud”. We will touch on topics such as:

  • What even is this “cloud” thing?
  • How does moving our business logic to the cloud help to secure it?
  • What are some practical examples of cloud functions and how do we implement them?



Rob Lauer – Senior Manager, Developer Relations, Progress