Use Trend Analysis to Predict and Reduce Patient No-Shows

No-shows put patients behind in their care, negatively affect outcomes and increase overarching healthcare costs— all while decreasing provider revenue. What if you could cut no-shows by half or more?

The Progress No-show solution is a HIPAA-compliant cloud that applies artificial intelligence and machine learning, enabling clinicians to:

  • Reduce errors and lower the cost of manual processes by automating patient reminders via an agnostic solution that accommodates a wide range of mobile devices
  • Leverage data aggregation across practices to avoid scheduling gaps and access to detailed, real-time reports to forecast revenue by month and by calendar year
  • Use data-driven recommendations to overbook patient appointments to maximize practice revenue
  • Engage patients through email, text messaging and integrated voice response to promote scheduling adherence

Are you ready to reduce patient no-shows by 50%, improve patient outcomes, and drive operational efficiencies? To learn more visit our resources page where you'll find a number of compelling resources including our No-show estimator.

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