Bridge the Gaps to Digital Innovation

With a HIPAA-Compliant Cloud layered with AI/ML capabilities, Progress Health Cloud can help Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) bridge gaps in their existing technology infrastructure to create critical connections between key organizations and facilities to:

  • Limit unnecessary expenses, access issues and quality measurement deficits 
  • Create a simple, reliable communication vehicle for collaborative care partnerships
  • Enhance physician alignment for affiliated but not owned physicians
  • Simplify the reporting process while minimizing government penalties and maximizing rewards for quality

With the Progress Health Cloud platform you can:

  • Identify individuals with chronic diseases and their pattern of utilization
  • Identify admission and discharge patterns across facilities
  • Identify utilization and quality patterns of providers

To learn more about how Progress Health Cloud can help you digitally innovate with a lower total cost of ownership, visit our resources page where you'll find our How-To Guide and whitepaper.

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