2016 Data Connectivity Outlook Survey

A look at the latest trends in database technologies

2016 Data Connectivity Outlook Survey

As competitors consolidate and new challengers step up, who will come out on top?

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As with technology wars in the past —such as VHS versus Beta, Blu-ray versus HD DVD, and PS3 versus Xbox—the real winners are visionary managers that embrace the database technologies that are gaining the most traction.

Stay on top of the trends. Companies that bet on technology that falls to the wayside could lose out in a big way with higher support and maintenance costs—and the ability to keep pace with an increasing avalanche of data.

Relational Databases Results & Predictions:

  • SQL Server status quo
  • Oracle maintaining lead
  • Amazon Redshift growing
  • Emerging data sources

Growth in Non-relational Systems :

  • Massive growth for NoSQL
  • MongoDB & Hadoop leadership
  • Web-scale storage reviews
  • App Dev & Maintenance

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