Data APIs - Gateway to Data-Driven Operation and Digital Transformation

Integration 360: Essential for Data-Driven Enterprises

Enterprise customers can benefit from a general approach to uniting data from the various repositories and sources that are currently in use. Uniting the data can provide them with the much-vaunted 360-degree view of their customers to help them make the best business decisions and model the best prescriptive actions. And it can do so in a way that removes the need for enterprise developers to cobble together different solutions on a per-data source basis.

A unified approach helps amortize the integration effort over the multiple sources the customer needs to work with, and it puts the customer in the best position to integrate new sources as they are (inevitably) added to the mix. Essentially it requires only incremental effort to bring on additional data sources, rather than a start from scratch, ad hoc effort for each one.

In addition to developers and data engineers, such a uniform approach can benefit other constituencies. For example, teams within the customer organizations who are using self-service BI tools like Tableau, Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, and TIBCO Spotfire, may be advantaged by such an architecture and approach.

Whether connecting to an integrated data platform into which all relevant sources are fed, or connecting directly to those sources, teams with analysis skills who are accustomed to being self-sufficient can continue to be so in this new, more complex data environment with a robust integration strategy.

Only with a unified approach to data integration, and a resulting 360-degree view of the customer, can enterprises hope to establish a data-driven culture. Such a culture accommodates and encourages both tactical decisions and strategic plans based on an accurate sense of how the organization is operating and a well-informed sense of how it will run in the future. Such data-inspired planning and execution is the cornerstone of digital transformation, and the enterprise’s best hope for making it more than a lofty concept.

Data APIs: The Gateway to Data-Driven Operation and Digital Transformation

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