Data APIs: The Gateway to Data-Driven Operation and Digital Transformation

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Your company’s digital journey is usually judged by its ability to effectively integrate your enterprise data. As part of the first wave of digital transformation efforts, your IT team would have deployed hundreds of APIs to integrate all business-critical apps. However, today, analytics is at the top of every CIO/CTOs agenda. They need powerful Data APIs to integrate the enterprise data with the favorite analytics tools of the LoB, analytics and data science team.

Read this report by GigaOm to understand how Data APIs can become your gateway to data operations and true digital transformation.

About This Research Paper

While the rise of new analytics and BI technologies have empowered companies to become more data driven, a key obstacle still exists: enterprise data integration.

In today’s digital business landscape, data is fragmented and scattered across various systems. Pulling all this data together is a significant challenge, and with businesses constantly implementing new data sources, cloud environments and other systems, integration complexities are multiplying quickly.

Enterprises have traditionally resorted to APIs to solve the point-to-point integration problems, but data scientists and data engineers have lost access to the raw tabular data and thus to analytics/BI. Data connectivity drivers (such as ODBC and JDBC connectors) effectively act as data APIs, enabling businesses to solve this unique challenge of exposing data for BI tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Cognos, etc.

To learn more, check out this reserach paper from GigaOm, which discusses:

The importance of analytics and BI to achieving true digital transformation

Why many businesses are struggling to capitalize on their data

The history of conventional APIs and how it applies to data connectivity

How data APIs scale across an array of data sources to make integration easy

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Andrew Brust

Analyst, Gigaom Research

Andrew has held developer, CTO, analyst, research director and market strategist positions at organizations ranging from the City of New York and Cap Gemini to Gigaom and Datameer. He has worked with small, medium and Fortune 1000 clients in numerous industries and with software companies ranging from small ISVs to large clients like Microsoft. Andrew’s resulting understanding of technology, and the way customers use it, makes his market and product analyses relevant, credible and empathetic.

Andrew has tracked the Big Data and Analytics industry since its inception, as Gigaom’s Research Director and ZDNet’s lead blogger for Big Data and Analytics. Andrew co-chairs Visual Studio Live!, one of the nation’s longest running developer conferences. As a longtime technical author and speaker in the database field, Andrew understands today’s market in the context of its longtime Enterprise underpinnings.

Data APIs: The Gateway to Data-Driven Operation and Digital Transformation

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