Webinar: Binding Kendo UI
to Any Data with OData

Build modern, dynamic web apps, in half the time

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Kendo UI® is an impressive HTML5 user interface framework for your apps. It has an equally impressive story for accessing data for its data management components. Kendo UI enables developers to create modern websites and apps using OData, an industry standard REST API to access any type of data source.

Accessing OData data sources with Progress DataDirect Cloud® solves connectivity and integration challenges. Now, developers can spend more time building amazing apps and less time learning new web services APIs. In short, Kendo UI is your web developer’s new best friend.

This webinar mentions the product DataDirect Cloud. The DataDirect Cloud capabilities discussed in this webinar are now available in DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline.

Inside Look: Join Progress and Chris Woodruff, host of Through a Wire Podcast, to discover how accessing OData data sources with Progress DataDirect Cloud simplifies connectivity and integration so you can build amazing apps faster.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • A detailed description of OData
  • How to build or find OData services
  • How to connect Kendo UI list and treeview components to external data, whether big or small, in the cloud or on-premises


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