BI Connectors for SaaS Applications

Cloud business intelligence on demand—
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BI Connectivity for SaaS Applications

Unlimited Connectivity to Your SaaS Application

Connect your SaaS app to the $26 billion analytics market as a new revenue stream, or increase the value of your data across the enterprise

Deliver direct SQL access with ODBC and JDBC drivers for unlimited SaaS connectivity to your SaaS applications. Direct SQL access is available for leading SaaS vendors such as Salesforce, NetSuite, ServiceNow, Oracle Service Cloud and more.

Work with reliable connectivity for embedded BI, reports, dashboards and analytics for SaaS. Progress® DataDirect Connect® drivers provide hybrid connectivity for your favorite third-party BI tools or libraries to host in your SaaS application.

Out-of-the-Box SaaS Connectivity

  • Data Integration (ETL)
  • Data Preparation
  • Cloud BI and Visualization
  • Predictive Analytics

SaaS: External Data Strategies

  • Point-and-click configuration
  • Secure, behind-the-firewall access
  • Real-time connectivity
  • On premise and cloud integration 

Webinar: OData External Data Integration Strategies for SaaS

Join Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) and Microsoft to learn about the latest wave in OData adoption for out-of-cloud external data strategies for SaaS vendors.

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