Updates to the Top-5 UserVoice suggestions

Updates to the Top-5 UserVoice suggestions

June 15, 2010 0 Comments

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uservoice.sflb[1] I took the top 5 suggestions from UserVoice and got responses from the Sitefinity team on these items. 

The updates and links to the original suggestions can be found below.

In-Line Editing (also known as Browse & Edit)

Planned for 4.0 - This feature is planned and will exist in the official release of 4.0. It will not, however, exist in the upcoming BETA release of 4.0. Concepts or wireframes for this feature have not yet been finalized. After the BETA release we will release information about this feature.

Allow images to be cropped & resized after being uploaded

Planned for BETA or 4.0 - Image resizing will exist in the upcoming BETA release. Images can be resized on 3 levels (automatically based on library settings, individually for each uploaded image, or when an image is placed onto a page). Image cropping is being discussed. Cropping will not exist in the upcoming BETA, but may exist in later releases.

Add email notifications to CMS events

Planned for 4.0 - This is planned for 4.0, but will not be delivered in the upcoming BETA release. Email notifications will be implemented as part of other features (workflow) and as a feature by itself (a dedicated section Notifications). Administrators will set up the default notifications. Administrators will also specify events for which users can subscribe. Users will be able to subscribe to notifications and manage their subscriptions preferences. Events related to content creation or workflow are the highest priority. Events related to errors are planned, but lower in priority.

Styles for Editor

Under Review - This issue (and potential fixes) are being discussed with the RadEditor team.

CSS editor for Advanced Users

Planned for 4.0 or 4.1 - Planned for Sitefinity 4.0 or 4.1. This feature will not be delivered with the upcoming BETA. This feature will provide power users with the ability to update their CSS in the administration interface They will be able to preview the changes and apply them. Access to this feature can be restricted using permissions.


For the items that are planned, feel free to withdraw your existing votes and vote for other suggestions.  We are watching this forum very carefully and are very interested in your suggestions.  In the coming weeks I’ll get more updates from the Sitefinity team.


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