Top 5 questions for OBIEE, EBS, OWB, ODI and ADF from #CL12LV

Top 5 questions for OBIEE, EBS, OWB, ODI and ADF from #CL12LV

April 26, 2012 0 Comments

We are really excited about the response from Oracle shops to our SQL approach via ODBC and JDBC to fully integrate Oracle applications with at Collaborate 12, Oracle User's Community.  There was a roaring applause and folks tweeted about our session (#940 - SQL Access to Data) that included a demo of a SQL-92 inner join query against in real time from Oracle SQL Developer.

Sandy EstradaSandy Estrada ? @MsSandyE

Learned how to easily integrate #Salesforce with #OBIEE leveraging@datadirect_news , will recommend to my clients. #C12LV

Anju RaoAnju Rao ? @anjugrao

Great presentation from @datadirect_news on SQL and #salesforceconnectivity to both SaaS and OnPremise BI Tools. #C12LV #Oracle#EPM

Cloud ConversionCloud Conversion ? @cloudconversion
Interesting session by @datadirect_news at #c12lv
Qingchen ChenQingchen Chen ? @rmoug

Nice talk to Sumit at data direct booth #clv12 #c12lv

If you were unable to visit Progress DataDirect at the Collaborate 12 Oracle User’s Conference, here are the top 5 questions we heard from Oracle shops on leveraging SQL access to from various applications including: OBIEE, E-business Suite (EBS), JD Edwards, Oracle Warehouse Builder or Data Integrator, PL/SQL and Application Development Framework (ADF).

1. How do you model the RPD in OBIEE directly against without a staging database?

With a direct ODBC connection from OBIEE to, you have the option to model your metadata directly against  You can read more about our experiences with OBIEE integration with Salesforce.  And an OBIEE consultant with over 30 years experience stopped by to share that the mappings will be generated automatically in newer versions using the foreign keys exposed by the driver!

2. What are my integration options from Oracle E-business suite?

If you’re fetching and inserting data from calls initiated within EBS against, we recommend creating a Database Gateway for ODBC to Salesforce.  This is the same approach used by Oracle shops for years to integrate with SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase.

And the same ODBC driver can be used with JD Edwards shops running SQL Server.

3. For Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Data Integrator, how does the driver handle transactions against Salesforce for inserts, updates, deletes, upserts?

Since does not support transactions, we included an option to ignore transactions in the driver so that the workflow can run.  The driver was designed for accessing SAAS data the cloud with built-in fault tolerance to prevent failures.

4. What solution do you have for application development using Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) that requires access to data in

We recommend running the DataDirect Connect XE for JDBC Salesforce driver for a direct connection to  This enables rapid development of a variety of ADF applications accessing SFDC.

5. Does your driver support the rest of the Salesforce platform?

Yes, we support connectivity to applications and

To summarize the excitement at the conference, an architect waiting in line for Starbucks shared that he is underway with a custom development project with a consulting firm to integrate EBS with; and he then asked how Progress DataDirect does it.  I shared we have out-of-box integration with ODBC and JDBC available.  He then smiled real big and replied "oh my gosh".

Need to integrate your Oracle Shop with Salesforce?

1. Download free 15 day trial of the DataDirect Connect XE for ODBC or JDBC Salesforce drivers to integrate an unlimited number of BI applications with Salesforce.

2. Or call 1-800-876-3101 to speak with a live Solutions Consultant to learn how other organizations are making progress with DataDirect Connect Salesforce SQL access.

Sumit Sakar

Sumit Sarkar

Technology researcher, thought leader and speaker working to enable enterprises to rapidly adopt new technologies that are adaptive, connected and cognitive. Sumit has been working in the data access infrastructure field for over 10 years servicing web/mobile developers, data engineers and data scientists. His primary areas of focus include cross platform app development, serverless architectures, and hybrid enterprise data management that supports open standards such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, GraphQL, OData/REST. He has presented dozens of technology sessions at conferences such as Dreamforce, Oracle OpenWorld, Strata Hadoop World, API World, Microstrategy World, MongoDB World, etc.

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